Bristol Palin On J.K. Rowling’s Criticism Of Liberal Men: “What About My Mom?”

J.K. Rowling called liberal men to the carpet on Twitter over the weekend.

She essentially said that while liberal men tend to vouch for “women’s rights” and “equality,” they simultaneously are quickest to jump to harsh name-calling and feminized criticism at the first sign of disagreement or conflict.

And then, Bristol Palin made an awesome point, when she said, “what about my mom?”

Check out the thread (via Patheos):

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Bristol took this idea a step further:

Here’s a question posed by M.J. Randolph over on Truth Revolt:

But what the way liberal men treated Sarah Palin?  Rarely in politics has a woman ever been treated more poorly that the former Governor of Alaska, and liberals were completely mum on the abuse liberal men heaped on her.

I saw it first hand, and I agree.  But it’s time that liberals to have a collective repentance for their treatment of my mom.  If liberals are really against sexism, they need to say so. It’s time.

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