FLASHBACK: After Otto Warmbier’s Death, We Recall Liberals’ SICK Responses To His Arrest…

University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier tragically passed on Monday after a seventeen month detainment in North Korea for attempting to steal a poster from a hotel hallway.

There have been plenty of horrific reactions to go around, which reminds us of last year, when liberal outlets shamed Warmbier for his supposed stupidity leading up to his arrest in North Korea.

Check it out (per Free Beacon):

“North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal,” read one Huffington Post piece, penned by blogger La Sha, days after Warmbier was sentenced in March 2016.

Warmbier, she wrote, “learned that the shield his cis white male identity provides here in America is not teflon abroad.”

“As shocked as I am by the sentence handed down to Warmbier, I am even more shocked that a grown man, an American citizen, would not only voluntarily enter North Korea but also commit what’s been described a ‘college-style prank,'” she continued. “That kind of reckless gall is an unfortunate side effect of being socialized first as a white boy, and then as a white man in this country.”

The article was tweeted by EBONY Magazine:

Liberal rag Salon had a similar reaction to the incident.

“This might be America’s biggest idiot frat boy: Meet the UVa student who thought he could pull a prank in North Korea,” read the site’s headline.

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And Huffington Post:

And Bustle:

And comedian Larry Wilmore:

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