Tar Heel Grizzly: Young Conservative Woman Has North Carolina Thriving

North Carolina is nicknamed the Tarheel State, but if Carolinians keep electing officials like Deanna Ballard they may have to consider changing that moniker to the Grizzly State. State Senator Ballard is serving her first full term after being elected in 2016. She was appointed to the position months before Election Day then cruised to victory in November. North Carolina made the right choice.

Ballard is a fighter. She works tirelessly for her constituents and she loves her new job. She also understands that she serves the people, not the other way around. Others should take note. Too often, state senators and reps act as if they’re doing the public a favor by showing any effort. In Washington, D.C., the swamp is even murkier. The get along gang and pay to play fat cats should take a look at Ballard for some helpful hints.

Senator Ballard is a pro-life, pro-military, commonsense conservative. She grew up in the state she now serves and essentially built a career around giving back. Ballard worked for the amazing organization, Samaritan’s Purse. The international Christian relief organization run by Franklin Graham has touched lives worldwide. If your child has ever packed a gift box for Operation Christmas Child, you know the group well. Ballard has taken that humanitarian spirit to Raleigh.

Ballard has some invaluable political experience that she now uses to benefit North Carolina as well. After joining George W. Bush’s Presidential Advance team as a volunteer, she moved up the ladder and became Special Assistant to the President and Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady. She was one of the youngest female commissioned officers in the Bush administration. Now she’s a young woman in a power position–bad news for liberal lunacy.

While Ballard is standing up for conservative values on a daily basis she is also willing and able to work with Democrats. During an interview on The Palin Update radio program, Ballard pointed out that many issues cross party lines. Ballard’s willingness to work with others regardless of party has translated in to major success in North Carolina. Her commonsense approach has the Tar Heel state booming. California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and particularly Washington, D.C. should get off of Easy Street and head down Tobacco Road for a lesson in actual public service.

While establishment Republicans in D.C. are predictably tripping all over one another and making a mess of the latest attempt to replace Obama Care, North Carolina GOP leaders like Ballard are pushing through a budget that lowers taxes, invests in the future, and saves for tomorrow. Democrats in D.C. are hell bent on hurting President Trump. They are unwilling to work on anything at all in a productive manner. They are damaging their own country out of spite. In contrast some North Carolina Dems are reaching across the isle and working with Ballard to get things done.

North Carolina is reaping the rewards of electing a strong, principled woman like Ballard. Her state should serve as a blueprint for all the dysfunctional governments throughout the land. D.C. would do well to be more like N.C.

Because of Ballard and others like her, North Carolina’s future is bright. The state is thriving in many aspects and there’s great optimism in other areas. As an added bonus, Bruce Spingsteen and Bon Jovi don’t go there anymore. Another great reason to visit the state.

North Carolina is filled with hard working, caring people. Deanna Ballard is one of them. She’s doing exactly what a public servant is supposed to do and it’s paying off in the 45th District in which she serves and throughout the state. The Tar Heel State will always be the Tar Heel State but if they keep electing people like Ballard the Grizzly State–or perhaps the Commonsense State–will work just as well. Meantime, Ballard just keeps working.

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