Perfect! THIS Gun Safety Children’s Book WILL Save Lives

The constitutional right to own a gun is regularly practiced by many Americans.

Unfortunately, the reality about mishandling guns or practicing improper gun storage can lead to many injuries and even deaths.

Many of these accidents however are preventable through learning proactive gun safety practices.

This is especially important if there are any children in the home of gun-owners.

A parent who owns a gun bears the responsibility to expose their children to safe gun practices.

A new book by Yehuda Remer, “Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children” is an excellent source of gun safety information:


The book does an excellent job highlighting the need for parents to expose their children to responsible gun use and instruct their child how to keep a gun properly stored:

Children should never operate a gun without supervision from their parents:

Using a gun at a firing range can be an effective way of modeling safe gun handling and use, but several rules should be followed:

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One very important detail can prevent countless accidents:

Gun safety should be first learned in the home, by responsible parents:

Guns are vital to our society and resources are available to help parents learn methods of teaching their children:

This book is available to purchase on the author’s website and on Amazon, and would make for an excellent gift for any gun-owning home.

It already has glowing reviews online, per Concealed Nation:

The book’s tone is set immediately — the young boy Kyle admires his dad, and wants to be just like him.

His dad is also an firearm enthusiast and responsible owner.

The dad tells the boy that even his toy guns can be dangerous, and that he isn’t to ever treat them as if they aren’t loaded.

His dad teaches him that he is to never, ever touch a firearm without his help, and he shows Kyle his huge gun safe, putting an emphasis on proper gun storage — a vital aspect of keeping firearms out of reach of children until a supervised encounter is prepared.

Kyle is taught to never touch a gun if he finds one laying out, and to tell an adult.

That information, right there, is literally enough to save lives.

The information in the book is life saving:

The author goes on to explain, through the perspective of Kyle, why guns are important, how to behave at a firearms range, and of course, trigger discipline.

Heck. I know some adults who should read this book.

The last page of the book? The major rules of gun safety.

This book is a great read with your kid, and drives all the points home. It’s not expensive. Take a look here. For even more fun, the same book is now available as a coloring book. You can check that one out here.

Another review shares the author’s personal story behind the book, per Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership:

But where are the guides to talking to kids about guns?

Yehuda Remer found himself asking just that question, after becoming a gun owner in order to be better able to protect his family.  He realized he couldn’t leave his family’s firearm education in the hands of Hollywood and other media and that, like in any family, the best education begins at home.

In the author’s words, Safety On “is meant . . . as an introduction to the world of firearms for children. Its goal is to plant the seeds of safe gun ownership into the minds of young patriots who will one day be responsible gun owners like the parents who teach them.  It is up to the moms and dads of this country who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to instill a deep respect for firearms.  This book serves as a tool to open a dialogue between you and your child about keeping their ‘Safety On’.” Hear, hear!

The book is also available for Kindle on Amazon,