GOP Congressmen Introduce Legislation To Grant Lawful Permanent Resident Status To Gard Family

Two GOP Congressmen have proposed that the U.S. grant Charlie Gard and his family permanent residency status, according to the Daily Caller.

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks and Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup proposed the legislation on Friday.

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“Despite Charlie’s heartbreaking condition, his parents have refused to give up hope. They have advocated for him fiercely. They have raised over £1 million to pay for their son to receive experimental treatment in the United States. They have kept fighting for his life,” Wenstrup and Franks said in a joint statement.

They added, “Our bill will support Charlie’s parents’ right to choose what is best for their son, by making Charlie a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. in order for him to receive treatments that could save his life.”

The 11-month-old has a rare genetic condition that doctors in the UK recently said was a hopeless case.

The Gard family fundraised more than $2M to pay for experimental treatments in the United States, but UK courts ruled in the favor of doctors and went so far as to say it was in Charlie’s best interest to die.

On Friday, however, Gard’s doctors requested a fresh trial after new, unpublished experimental data came to light.

Here’s more:

According to The Washington Post, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center has said it would bring Charlie Gard and prescribe to him with an experimental treatment, pending emergency FDA approval. Additionally, the New York also offered to provide Great Ormond Street Hospital with the treatment medicine if approved.

President Trump and Pope Francis both showed support for the Gard family as well.

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The new ruling will occur on Monday.