SUNSET FLIP: Actress’s Crude Gesture At GOP Does Not Represent Real Glow Wrestlers

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 21: Actress Betty Gilpin attends the premiere of "GLOW" at The Cinerama Dome on June 21, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
Liberty Bell wishing the GOP a happy 4th!
— Betty Gilpin (@bettygilpin) July 4, 2017
The words are pedestrian enough, but it’s the picture Gilpin shared that proved her true colors are far from red, white, and blue. Gilpin added an image of her Liberty Belle character flashing two middle fingers aimed at President Trump and all Republicans. Pathetic? Yes. Have we seen this type of thing before? Of course. But, Gilpin’s stab at keyboard activism was particularly sad because her show actually has potential and she is very good in her role.
Here’s the photo:
After the Twitter-verse responded and gave Gilpin’s fingers a big thumbs down, she deleted the tweet in typical progressive fashion. Funny how those who continuously bash President Trump for using Twitter keep getting themselves in hot water for doing the same.
Since the Netflix GLOW show has been running, fans of the actual GLOW phenomenon have had mixed feelings on the endeavor. The overwhelming majority are excited to see GLOW getting attention. At the same time, many do not like the fact that none of the original GLOW women are included in the fictional series at all. The show is nice. It’s fun to watch. But the actual wrestlers are the real stars. They are the pioneers–and they deserve the glow of the spotlight much more than any actor or actress.
Gilpin’s double bird flip toward all elephants would give the impression that GLOW is anti-GOP. But if that’s what you’re thinking than you have things twisted more than a figure four leg lock. While Hollywood is clearly completely unhinged and crazed over the election of Donald Trump, those opinions do not represent the views of the real GLOW wrestlers.
The thoughts from GLOW are varied. While the acting community takes a ‘my way or the highway’ stance when it comes to politics, the actual GLOW wrestlers are really more of a microcosm of America herself. Some of the GLOW ladies are conservative. Some are liberal. Some don’t have a political opinion at all. But none have been running around cursing out anyone the way Gilpin did. In fact, I have spoken to liberal GLOW wrestlers recently and while they did not want to promote conservative issues, they were very gracious and kind in their remarks toward me. That’s how we are supposed to interact.
Cheryl Rusa was one of the best GLOW wrestlers ever. As Lightning, she thrilled GLOW fans with her amazing moves in the ring and her incredible personality outside of the pink ropes. Now, Lightning is zapping false liberal narratives with her thoughtful, commonsense conservative ideas. While appearing on The Palin Update radio program on Mama Grizzly Radio, Lightning pointed to political incorrectness as one of the top reasons for GLOW’s success in the 80s.
“That’s why everyone fell in love with it,” Lightning said. She also believes Trump was elected in 2016 because he didn’t kowtow to liberal bullies. “Everybody is so busy being politically correct that when Trump popped up and was just saying out loud what everybody was thinking it just went to heart,” said Lightning.
Lightning is not just a Trump girl but a Palinista too, calling Governor Palin a “strong, strong person” that she “totally identified with.”
Lightning also blasts the “sheeple” mentality of some and she contends Trump and Palin are bullied constantly. As someone who was bullied as a kid, Lightning can spot it a mile away.
So, while Gilpin and friends will continue to tweet positively about evil Planned Parenthood and negatively about our President Trump, don’t be fooled. Plenty of real GLOW girls are actually as patriotic as Gilpin’s make believe character is supposed to be.
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