Radical Teachers Union Gets A Big Fat ‘F’ For Latest Magazine Cover

BERLIN, GERMANY - JANUARY 07: Teacher Ina Orbitz leads pupils at the "Welcome Class" for immigrant children, including children of migrants and refugees, at the Leo-Lionni-Schule primary school on January 7, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Germany is investing in German language classes across the country by hiring more teachers and expanding the Fedral Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) in order to accomodate the hundreds of thousands of migrant and refugee children who have arrived in Germany over the past year. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

If unions represent workers, then all teachers in America are militant, progressive, far-left, disrupters. As we all know, that is not the case. There are countless wonderful teachers all across our exceptional nation. However, if you go by the propaganda American Federation of Teachers is spewing, you’d think all educators in this nation are liberal lunatics.

AFT is a powerful labor union that primarily represents teachers. They call themselves “a union of professionals”. The question is–professional what? The Summer 2017 edition of American Educator, AFT’s magazine, would indicate they are a union of professional radicals.

What would you think would be on the cover of a magazine representing the men and women who teach our kids? An apple? Maybe a caring adult reading with a child? Perhaps a white board filled with equations? All of those sane guesses would be so very wrong. Instead, the latest edition of American Educator has a picture of a pack of militant protesters from the lovely Women’s March On Washington. Burly gals and awkward men holding a bunch of signs that all basically say ‘Trump Won And I’m Butt Hurt’.

Truthfully, that message would be more lucid and less weird than what these various placards actually do say. ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘DeVos: Public School Enemy No. 1’, and ‘To America’s 1st Russian Prez: Where’s Your Birth Certificate’ are among the most asinine. Remember folks, these people teach our kids. Some of the signs featured inside the magazine are even more outrageous.

Three vulgar ‘pink pussy’ hats are also featured in the cover shot. The cover crew, which makes a Jerry Springer panel look attractive, is clad in various anti-Trump and pro-Hillary and pro-Obama gear. There are no American flags in sight. There’s nothing that shows any love toward our God, our nation, or our children. Just a bunch of sore losers who seemingly have a lot of time on their hands.

Our country is great for so many reasons. Our right to free speech is toward the top of that list. No matter how disgusting the message may be, these malcontents have the right to deliver it. But, We the People also have the right to call out just how ridiculous, dangerous, and frankly gross their message is.

This is not a group officially representing the Democrat party or a particular candidate. These are the men and women assigned to shaping and molding the minds of our children. Is their message of hatred toward our president what we really want instilled in the classroom?

Teachers are often pressured to join unions by their peers. How is a conservative teacher supposed to respond when the union they’re being told to join stands firmly against everything they stand for? This is bullying on steroids.

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Teacher unions were created so teachers could better bargain with school districts and protect their own interests. Sadly, the unions are now just another arm of liberalism and the Democrats. To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby have been replaced by Rules For Radicals and The Audacity Of Hope.

The only way to combat the craziness and stop the indoctrination of our youth is to call out the brainwashing when we see it. The latest cover of American Educator is a prime example of what we are up against. Stand up for our kids and let the flunking AFT know they do not speak for us.


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