Patriots’ Coach T-Shirt Is TRIGGERING Liberals

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is making headlines recently – not for winning another Superbowl in historic fashion – but for what he is wearing during football’s off-season.

Per Boston:

Bill Belichick’s clothing choice over the years has achieved a certain cult status. However, the green cut-off T-shirt he was spotted in Wednesday sparked reactions on social media for different reasons than usual.

Apparently parodying the Boston-based Life is Good Company, the shirt reads “Life is great” and depicts an armed man in a turban being attacked by a dog, adjacent to a rifle-wielding soldier.

Belichick has previously displayed support for the military and his new shirt supports the “police and military dog equipment and related services”:

A black version of the shirt is sold on the website of Trident K9, a California-based company that sells police and military dog equipment and related services.

“If you are a military K-9 handler, then life is great! Celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden with this T-shirt,” the store website reads.

Jim Amann, the president of Trident K9, told the Herald that he was surprised to see Belichick wearing the shirt, which he said, “tells a cartoon story of a deployment in Afghanistan where SEAL operators are chasing bad guys.”

Belichick has been outwardly supportive of the military throughout his career and attributes his time at the Naval Academywhere his dad coached, for the values he now works to instill in his team.

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Here’s the shirt:

Liberals are hating the new look:

Several tweets offered more explicit language to insult Belichick.