Former Trump Adviser Testifies Before House Committee On Russia Connections, CRUSHES Democrats

Republican political strategist Michael Caputo just testified against having any connections to or conversations with Russian officials during his time helping Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Per Daily Caller:

Former Donald Trump senior adviser Michael Caputo testified behind closed doors Friday before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and tore apart committee members for accusing him for playing a role in Russia’s election meddling.

Caputo posted his opening and closing statements on PoliticsNY, a site he runs, following his testimony.

Caputo first commented on remarks made about him and his family:

In his opening statement he went after Democratic committee member, California Rep. Jackie Speier, for charging Caputo for being Russia President Vladimir Putin’s image consultant back on March 20.

“Contrary to Rep. Jackie Speier’s comments in your March 20 public hearing, I was never President Vladimir Putin’s ‘image consultant.’ To the contrary, a simple Google search would have revealed a great deal, including my July 2004 op-ed in the Washington Post, written after my colleague was murdered in Moscow,” he said.

He later said, “Other statements made during the March 20 public hearing about me were also inaccurate. For instance, Rep. Speier mentioned that my business failed in Russia without noting a simple historical fact: tens of thousands of businesses failed there in the wake of the 1998 Ruble devaluation and the subsequent economic meltdown.”

“For some reason, the congresswoman also got personal, unnecessarily mentioning my wife. Of course, my wife is Ukrainian – and you don’t need Google to understand why our marriage does not support the Congresswoman’s hypothesis that I’m a Putinist,” Caputo added. “Just as not every Italian American is associated with organized crime, not every Ukrainian woman is connected to President Putin.”

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The former senior adviser testified that he had no conversations with anyone affiliated with the Russian government:

“From the day President Trump announced his candidacy until Inauguration Day, to my knowledge I never spoke about his campaign with anyone remotely associated with the Russian government. At no time did I ever talk about Russian contacts with any member of the campaign. I certainly did not hear talk of collusion with Russia or any foreign nation,” he said. “The only time I spoke about Russia with Donald Trump was in passing, during a dinner conversation in 2013, long before he decided to run for President. He simply asked: ‘What was it like to live in Russia.’ Our exchange may have lasted 30 seconds.”

In his closing remarks, Caputo remarked he has had interesting life as an international public relations consultant, but as someone with no Russian clients or revenue coming from Russia since 2004, he can only claim his past experience in Russia as part of his business. The charges from committee members against him, he testified, damaged him and his family financially.

The financial toll has hit close to home for Caputo:

“I’m a Bills fan. I’m not a Gucci-loafered lobbyist. I’m not selling a book. I’m not a celebrity seeking publicity. I won’t be profiting in any manner from my appearance here today, or future appearances. In fact, your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money. I’m paying for this in the only way an average guy can: I have liquidated my children’s college fund.”