Can’t Believe Our Eyes! This Video Is BREAKING THE INTERNET!

A viral video of a bear in Russia is taking the internet by storm.

This is not a bear roaming the Siberian Desert, but rather riding in a motorcycle down the middle of Syktyvkar.

Per Bizpac Review:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you…

Only in Russia could an unsuspecting motorist come across a massive brown bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar.

That’s right – a bear rode in a motorcycle side car and casually waved to those passing by:

Nicholas Pasynkov was driving in the Russian city of Syktyvkar when he saw the bear “calmly riding in a motorcycle sidecar that had been designed to resemble the face of a wolf,” UPI reported.

Pasynkov shared a quick video of the unusual encounter on YouTube.

Here’s the wildly entertaining video:

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In case someone was wondering how he got into the motocycle sidecar, there’s a video of that as well:

The news agency noted that the animal was indeed real, a trained bear performing in a traveling circus organized by the Polar Wolves bike club.

A second video shows the bear actually climbing into the sidecar — a trainer can be seen rewarding him with a treat for accomplishing the task.

Check it out:

A third video with a man speaking Russian shows the bear casually waving:


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