Happening NOW: Sean Spicer Breaks Silence On Resignation

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has just verified his resignation and confirmed in his last White House press briefing.

Spicer also confirmed Anthony Scaramucci would be the new White House Communications Director.

Per Axios:

At a 10 a.m. meeting this morning, President Trump offered Scaramucci the job as White House Communications Director.

  • “This was the last straw,” said a source close to Spicer. The objection of the press secretary and his allies was that Scaramucci would hold the title, while Spicer would be expect (sic) to continue to carry out many of the duties related to strategy and planning.
  • “Sean was going to be expected to serve as press secretary while also being the quasi-comms director,” the source said.

Spicer began the meeting verifying the news of his resignation and confirmed Scaramucci to the position of Communications Director:

After the Oval Office meeting: Spicer, Priebus and Scaramucci stood in a row behind Sean’s desk in the corner of the press secretary’s office. A wall of TVs playing cable news was in the background. Some 40 staff gathered, according to a source in the room.

Spicer started off:

  • “A lot of you are hearing the news, and I want you to hear it directly from us.”
  • He praised Scaramucci, said he’s a fighter and can do a great job. Everyone applauded for Scaramucci.
  • Spicer added: “I want you all to be the first to hear that I told the president that I’m going to step down, but that I’m going to be very involved in the transition to make sure that Anthony can be very successful.”
  • Sean framed the decision as wanting to give Mooch a clean slate.
  • A source in the room said he was very gracious about it, and everyone applauded for Sean.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the new Director also shared a few words:

Reince: “The president had decided to bring Anthony in, and it’s going to be a great thing, he’s a self-made man. He knows what it takes to run an organization… has built several businesses…. it was a great choice….”
Scaramucci’s comments, after praising Spicer and the comms team:
  • He and Reince have a long relationship that started at a Koch brothers conference.
  • He’d actually tried to hire Reince to be COO with ownership stake of Skybridge, the firm he sold while waiting on a White House job.
  • They’ve worked closely together since the Romney campaign.

Daily Mail reports Spicer’s resignation has been coming for some time now:

Spicer managed to stay on the job for more than six months despite predictions for months that he was on the way out.

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He delivered the news to President Trump Friday morning.

ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl tweeted Friday that he went to ask Spicer about the Scaramucci news and that Spicer ‘slammed the door’ in his face.

Spicer is a longtime Republican operative who has been subjected to ridicule on Saturday Night Live for some of his strenuous efforts to defend the president.

He had already taken a major step back from public view. White House briefings in recent weeks have typically been held off camera, and mostly by his deputy, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Spicer was temporarily acting as a communications director, the position which Scaramucci will now be filling:

His departure came after weeks of turmoil over the Russia investigation. Trump is also shaking up his legal team, as longtime attorney Mark Kastowitz steps back as head of the effort to defend him against Russia-related charges.

Spicer had been filling in as acting communications director while maintaining his press secretary job following the departure of Mike Dubke, who cited personal reasons for his departure just a few months into the job.