Love It! Here’s The Reasons Why So Many Women Voted For Trump

Jayne Riew is a photographer and artist who worked with her husband Jonathan Haidt to put together a book explaining the reasons why some women in this country voted for Donald Trump.

Obviously, that can be a very sensitive subject for a lot of people on the left who have been actively pushing the idea that women who vote for Trump are disrespecting their own gender and don’t understand the issues well enough.

John Sexton has the details that contradict the left’s condescending assertions…

From Hot Air:

Riew published the images and quotes as a website. Here’s a small sample of what some of the women had to say about why they voted for Trump:

  • Ellen D. – “I’m an artist and PhD. But wait a minute, I thought only uneducated white men voted for Trump! Not so. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I hate the stereotypes of Trump voters. In almost every social setting I find myself in I am insulted by arrogant people who assume that everyone agrees with their politics, when I would never have the gall to assume the same.”

  • Natalia D. – “I remember the first time I heard “Oh, you’re the Trump Girl,” from somebody I just met. It’s amazing how quickly people label you, and how much people are afraid to be labeled. Thoughtful, nuanced ideas get shut down—even if they are coming from a prominent intellectual guest speaker. Did the lack of dissenting voices at Yale play a part in my vote for Trump? Absolutely. And that’s a big reason why I publicly say what I think. Why not? There’s an enormous culture of fear, and playing into it only makes it worse.”

  • Caitlin B. – “Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism was hard to relate to. Sure, she’s well-educated and accomplished, but she stayed married to Bill Clinton who disrespected her on a world scale with numerous affairs throughout their marriage.”

I definitely recommend you check out the entire piece but clearly there is a disconnect between the mainstream media and the average female voter in America.

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The left tries to tell us that female voters only care about the standard “women’s issues” but that appears to have been a huge tactical error in the last election.

The Democrats have a lot of work to do when it comes to communicating their message to voters.


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