NEW REPORT: 5 Facts Have Democrats Shaking In Their Boots

US President Donald Trump gestures during the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve in Glen Jean, West Virginia, July 24, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite negative media coverage, President Donald Trump is scoring success where it matters most – with the voters.

And Democrats are hard-pressed to find any way of derailing the Trump train anytime soon.

Per Independent Journal Review:

Trump’s public spats, White House firingsRussia investigations and snail-pace legislative agenda receive the lion’s share of the media cycle. Even though the media coverage of Trump’s administration in its infancy has been overwhelmingly negative on nearly all fronts, there are some very stubborn numbers that should truly worry Democrats who eagerly look forward to the midterm elections as a chance to repudiate the president.

In what is being described as “the essential crown jewel” of Trump’s administration, the economy has seen bolstering growth since his inauguration:

1. The economy is very strong and looking better by the day.

For Trump, who ran on a promise of booming the American economy and freeing businesses to succeed, the economy will be the essential crown jewel of the administration. Americans vote with their pocket books, and the health of the economy has seen popular mandates of the past buckle and crumble with bad numbers.

Six months into the Trump administration, it seems the president will certainly not have these problems when his party runs for reelection. Just have a look at these recent data points about the economy:

The stock market has been consistently hitting records since Trump’s inauguration.

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Manufacturing jobs are returning. 

Unemployment is continuing to drop.

American wages are growing.

Labor markets are bouncing back.

Trump’s base sent a very clear message in November 2016, when they elected a political outsider to simply get the job done.

This same base is sticking with Trump despite negative media coverage and an ongoing Russian investigation:

2. Trump’s base is not moving.

According to a recent Independent Journal Review article:

Six months after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, Reuters surveyed his 2016 voters asking them if they would vote for him again. About 7 in 8 of them said they would.

The poll was taken first in May from a sample of 1,296 people, including 541 Trump voters, and then again in July, from a sample of 1,206 people, including 543 Trump voters. The first time, 82 percent of Trump’s voters said they would vote for him again and the second time, that number rose to 88 percent.

Another point leading to Trump’s success is Democrat have failed to find effective marketing strategies to their message out to the American people.

The lack of a centralized message has plagued the Democrats throughout 2017:

3. Voters think Democrats stand for nothing, and that number is not changing.

According to CNN:

Only 37% of Americans say the Democratic Party “stands for something,” while 52% say it just stands against Trump, according to the same ABC News/Washington Post poll. It comes at a time when Democrats are left without a clear figurehead and many, both inside and outside of the party, have criticized its leaders for lack of a clear message.

Americans’ perceptions of the Democratic Party have remained virtually the same for the last 12 months — underwater. Forty-eight percent of Americans have a negative view of the Democrats right now, according to a Bloomberg News poll released Tuesday. That’s compared to 49% in December and 47% last August.

Trump’s election brought forth a number of special elections, all taken by Republicans.

Georgia’s latest contest set a historic level of spending by Democrats, with them having nothing to show for it:

4. Democrats are 0-4 in Trump-era elections, in spite of mountains of special interest money.

Absolutely astonishing amounts of money have been spent against Republicans in special elections so that the narrative of a grassroots anti-Trump campaign can be written. In spite of some body-slamming by Republicans, Democrats are 0-4.

Republicans are rolling through 2017 with high levels of fundraising to the Republican Party, stomping their Democratic opposition.

Democrats added another $200,000 to their over $3 million debt in the moth of June, while Republicans remain debt-free:

5. RNC fundraising is booming, while DNC fundraising is in the hole.



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