U.S. Senate Candidate Tony Monetti Releases The Best Campaign Video Of All Time

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Tony Monetti, a conservative running for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, just released the greatest campaign announcement ever.

The Youtube video features Monetti upside-down in a small, two-person plane.

Check it out:

Monetti flew as a stealth pilot during Operation Desert Storm, and after a near-death flight, vowed to use his talents to serve the country in a greater capacity.

Here’s more:

Who is Tony? Tony is a devoted husband, father, and B-2 stealth pilot. He is a conservative outsider with a patriot’s heart to serve and forge a legacy of change. He will use his leadership experiences within the community, as a small business owner, an educator, and the military to tackle today’s top needs. Our country is divided unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Tony will focus his unique understanding, communication skills, and decisiveness to join the fight to help bring this divided country back together and to restore the values which have served and made this Nation one of the best places on earth to live, grow, work, and raise families. Tony has fought for our country, and now he’s fighting for you!

You can visit Monetti’s website here.

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