China Pressures North Korea To Make “Smart Decision” To Drop The Missile Tests

Chinese officials urged North Korea on Sunday to be “smart” and stop the missile tests, according to the Washington Post.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the comments one day after the UN announced additional sanctions on North Korea and its exports.

Check it out:

After meeting with North Korea’s top diplomat during an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) gathering here in the Philippine capital, Wang said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is critical — but that it could be a turning point for negotiations over North Korea’s nuclear proliferation.

“Do not violate the U.N.’s decision or provoke international society’s goodwill by conducting missile launching or nuclear tests,” Wang said after talks with Ri Yong Ho, North Korea’s foreign minister. Wang, however, quickly added, “Of course, we would like to urge other parties like the U.S. and South Korea to stop increasing tensions.”

The U.S. is now conducting a “concerted effort” to enlist other countries and force North Korea to back down in the ongoing escalation of hostility with North Korea.

“Certainly we want to resolve this issue through negotiations, and this pressure campaign, the sanctions, it’s all about trying to convince the North Koreans that the fast way forward is to come back to the table and talk,” said Susan Thornton, assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs.

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