Google Employee Calls Out Company For Being Intolerant, Gets CRUSHED By Liberals

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A Google employee has revealed a behind-the-scenes look into the tech giant’s policies of containing “political dissent” and “maintaining an atmosphere of political groupthink.”

He suggests in a manifesto that the company should be more tolerant of differing political views.

The manifesto resulted in a number of threatening remarks and insults by those in and out of the company.

Per Breitbart:

Left-wing backlash against the Google employee who published a manifesto calling for more ideological tolerance at the company intensified this evening, as SJWs inside and outside Google sought to contain political dissent at the company.
The Googler’s 10-page manifesto criticized the company for maintaining an atmosphere of political groupthink, in which employees with viewpoints that challenge leftist narratives are forced to keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs. He also criticized Google for ignoring the latest research on gender differences and their interplay with the lack of women in STEM jobs.

The manifesto follows other confirmed reports of search manipulation by Google-owned platform, YouTube:

The allegations of political intolerance come shortly after YouTube, a Google-owned platform, announced they would manipulate search results, artificially promote socially progressive videos, and censor non-rulebreaking content that is considered “potential hate speech.” The company is also partnering with the ADL and other left-wing organizations to identify “hate speech” on the platform.

Many responded to the manifesto with threatening remarks:

His main thesis — that political dissenters at Google face severe threats to their career — was immediately confirmed by the backlash against him, which included threats to his job and at least one threat of violence.

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One social media SJW, Emily Gorcenski, said she would “beat the sh*t” out of the Google employee. Gorcenski also frequently retweets It’s Going Down, a news site that regularly supports the actions of violent “antifa” activists.

She has since deleted the tweets, but here’s a screenshot via Breitbart:

Breitbart reports that many Google employees actually responded to the manifesto.