This Freshman Is About To Turn Congress UPSIDE DOWN

One freshman congressman from Florida has an incredible backstory on his decision to run for office.

Brian Mast, Florida’s Republican 18th congressional district representative, woke up in a hospital a few years ago after stepping on an improvised explosive while deployed with the Joint Special Operations Command in Afghanistan (via ABC News).

Because of the explosion, he was now a double amputee—ending his 12-year military career.

Check it out:

“The most important lesson my father ever gave me was very shortly after I was injured,” Mast recalled.

“He said, ‘Brian, you can’t let this keep you down … You cannot let your kids see you sitting on your butt regardless of what happened to you, because your kids will think it’s an OK way for them to go through their life. That’s when I decided the most important fight of my life could be here in Washington, D.C. in another capacity.”

Mast emerged from a 6-way primary as the party’s nominee for Florida’s 18th congressional district, and went on to defeat Democrat Randy Perkins in the general election.

You can watch the full video by clicking the link here.

What an incredible story by Brian Mast.

Thank you for your service, Congressman!

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