Where’s The Love? A Woman’s Efforts To Help Sick Children Face An Obstacle From Cartier

Brittney Anne Darbonne has a heart for children. She remembers receiving a mailing from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital back when she was just a teen. The letter and pictures made quite an impact. Brittney vowed to herself that one day she would help children suffering from serious illnesses. Today, she is doing just that.

Darbonne, a Texas mom of two, does a lot for kids. Charity work, hospital visits, fund raisers–you name it. Now, she wants to take things a step further. Darbonne, a talented designer, is creating a line of jewelry that she plans to sell, with some of the proceeds going directly to ill children and their families. This is an endeavor you would think everyone could get behind. For the most part everyone has. Everyone except jewelry giant, Cartier.

Cartier, a French luxury goods conglomerate company issued a letter to Darbonne’s attorney, stating that they fear the public will confuse her design with their LOVE line, simply because of the use of the word LOVE. Cartier raked in upwards of $6 billion in 2016, yet they have the time to pick on a young woman who wants to help children fight cancer and other awful conditions. In Darbonne’s mind, confusing the lines is impossible.”My jewelry will be for sale for roughly 1/100 of the price of Cartier’s jewelry,” Darbonne told sarahpalin.com. “I want the general public to be able to afford my designs. Cartier is a trademark bully who does not own the rights to the word LOVE, and my design is nothing like any of theirs.”

Often, people who run charities have faced tragedy in their own lives. Darbonne is fortunate. She is blessed with two healthy children. That gift of God makes her more appreciative for her own kids and more of a fighter for those who don’t have their health. She is a true mama grizzly.

Over the years, Darbonne has worked right beside many children. Some of them are no longer with us. It’s a tough situation for sure, but one she is passionate about. She’s volunteered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, served on the board of directors for Sky High, and worked on the Sky High Adventures Committee, only stepping down to focus on her designs. Sky High Adventures allows ill children the opportunity to go on fishing and hunting trips. To this day, Darbonne offers support to them and helps some of the families. Although she resigned from Sky High in February to allow herself time to chase her own dreams, she still supports them 100 percent. “This organization has taught me and inspired me to want to do more,” said Darbonne.

As a Sky High board member, Darbonne was part of the Eric Trump Foundation partnership that funded the new surgery and ICU center at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Now, she’s ready to keep helping. That’s what she does.

Last year, Darbonne founded Brittney Anne Designs. She plans to sell jewelry and accessories online, launching new items quarterly. “I intend to donate ten parent of my profits,” Darbonne said. While billions is apparently not enough for Cartier, Darbonne is all about giving back.

“I am currently working to launch my own nonprofit,” Darbonne said. “I want to donate a percentage of the proceeds to other worthy charities, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I also intend to acquire property that will allow me the ability to host summer camps for sick children, offering this to children with various illnesses and diseases. I’m hoping to make this a family event, offering support to the ill children’s siblings as well.”

That idea in itself should be enough to back this woman wholeheartedly. Siblings and parents of sick kids are suffering as well. Too often, they are lost in the shuffle. Darbonne is committed to their well being along with the well being of the sick children.

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While Darbonne continues to fight for kids, it appears Cartier will keep fighting her. In a letter from Cartier’s attorney the company is taking a hard line stance saying: “Given the fame and widespread use of our client’s LOVE mark, Cartier is concerned that your client’s use of the LOVE mark on jewelry could likely cause confusion and lead consumers to falsely believe that such goods emanate from or are somehow affiliated with or approved of by Cartier.”

Darbonne isn’t buying it–calling Cartier’s actions “evil” and “frustrating”. But she vows to fight. Darbonne is going to help children through her own original designs. I wouldn’t bet against her. She is inspired by the children she has met over the years and fueled by them. She is taking a page from the very kids she helps. After all, no one has fought harder than them.

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