Congressman Who ‘Read the Memo’ Comes Forward — Exposes ‘Major Problem’ In Heated Tweetstorm

Lawmakers have made it very clear that the memo written by staffers of the House Intelligence Committee about the FISA and surveillance abuses is a blockbuster. If Americans couldn’t tell from what Republicans were saying about it, they could tell from the scramble and desperate attempt by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to prevent it from being released and deflect from it by saying the Democrats would put out their own memo.

But Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), head of the House Freedom Caucus, said that it contained abuses “that should NEVER happen in America” and he explained why it was so important that it be released in a powerful tweetstorm.

He explained how important understanding the timing and context of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page was.

Then comes the ‘insurance policy text’ because they ‘can’t take the risk that Trump is elected.

He then pointed out the texts indicating that there was pressure to finish the investigation against Hillary Clinton once Donald Trump was chosen as the GOP nominee.

Then Meadows begins to explain why context is important.

Guess who changed the statement and took out the critical words? Yup, Peter Strzok.

Right at the very same time, Stzrok is texting Page that “we have to finish” the Clinton investigation.

Could you get any clearer intervention on Clinton’s behalf?

Of course, as Meadows notes, that’s only part of the problem, there’s a whole lot more about which to be concerned.

Brilliant. Exactly. Everyone should be concerned. Because if it can be done by one side and they get away with it, it can be done again. It breaches the rule of law. It turns us into a banana republic. What has made America different from many other countries is the Constitution and the rule of law. Americans have to uphold it.

Bottom line:

Amen. Everyone involved in this has sworn to uphold the Constitution and they owe us transparency.

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