George Soros Just Picked His Next Target—It’s Not Going To Be Pretty

Liberal billionaire George Soros is pouring donations into a Texas district attorney’s race after the Democratic candidate came out against sanctuary cities, according to The Daily Caller.

Soros has reportedly already put $70,000 into the race in opposition of incumbent DA Nicholas LaHood, who has voiced support for Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s move to crack down on cities that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement.

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Soros has been boosting LaHood’s challenger, attorney Joe Gonzales, through a political action committee (PAC), Texas Justice & Public Safety. The PAC’s spending included more than $30,000 on mailers attacking LaHood.

One of the mailers attacked LaHood as “bigoted,” “racist” and “Islamophobic” in both English and Spanish. LaHood fought back by displaying the mailer in one of his own campaign ads and accused Soros of trying to purchase his seat.

“We know George Soros is a billionaire who has purchased at least 10 other district attorney’s offices around the country, not to mention other political positions,” LaHood said in the ad, titled, “Your DA’s Office is Not For Sale.”

LaHood put an ad out against the Soros-backed candidate, titled, “Your DA Office Is Not For Sale.”

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Soros put $1.45 million behind his preferred candidate in Philadelphia’s district attorney race last year. The candidate, Larry Krasner, sailed to an easy victory before purging dozens of prosecutors in his first few days on the job. Krasner had never worked as an attorney before becoming Philadelphia’s DA.

In another instance, Soros put $100,000 behind a left-wing attorney in Portsmouth, Virginia’s DA race last November. The investment was a smashing success: not only did Soros’s candidate win, but his massive donation remained out of the public eye until after the election was already over.