Trump Looks To Create ‘The Best Military Force The World Has Ever Seen’, Liberals Are Furious

President Trump is continuing his campaign promise to rebuild the United States to an unprecedented level.

While the president signed into law a $1.3 trillion budget which boosts military spending to a historic level, he is also looking to fine tune military regulations.

It was recently announced Trump would be re-implementing his ban on personnel with “gender dysphoria” who could “present considerable risk to military effectiveness and lethality,” Fox News reports.

Per the report:

President Donald Trump released an order Friday night banning most transgender troops from serving in the military except under “limited circumstances,” following up on his calls last year to ban transgender individuals from serving.

The White House said retaining troops with a history or diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” — those who may require substantial medical treatment — “presents considerable risk to military effectiveness and lethality.”

Trump surprised the Pentagon’s leadership in a 2017 tweet when he declared he would reverse an Obama-era plan to allow transgender individuals to serve openly. His push for the ban has been blocked by several legal challenges, and four federal courts have ruled against the ban. The Pentagon responded by allowing those serving to stay in the military, and began allowing transgender individuals to enlist beginning Jan. 1.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of the decision, “This new policy will enable the military to apply well-established mental and physical health standards — including those regarding the use of medical drugs — equally to all individuals who want to join and fight for the best military force the world has ever seen.”

The new policy however quickly drew some backlash from Democrat lawmakers.

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“No one with the strength & bravery to serve in the U.S. military should be turned away because of who they are. This hateful ban is purpose-built to humiliate our brave transgender members of the military who serve with honor & dignity,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, per Fox News.

“The only thing that matters when it comes to allowing military personnel to serve is whether they can handle the job,” Democrat Elizabeth Warren said in a tweet. “By putting gender identity first, [Trump] undermines readiness and caters to extremists who don’t respect the sacrifices of our troops. Shameful.”

“There is simply no way to spin it, the Trump-Pence Administration is going all in on its discriminatory, unconstitutional and despicable ban on transgender troops,” added Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin.

Here’s more on the initiative, via Fox News:

Trump received recommendations from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in February for dealing with transgender individuals serving in the military. The White House said Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen agreed with the policy.

Earlier Friday, Maj. David Eastburn, a Pentagon spokesman, said the announcement of a new policy would have no immediate practical effect on the military because the Pentagon is obliged to continue to recruit and retain transgender people in accordance with current law.

The Justice Department said in a statement late Friday that it would defend the Pentagon’s authority to “implement personnel policies they have determined are necessary to best defend our nation” and would ask the courts to lift all related preliminary injunctions.