Alabama Football Visited Trump At The WH, Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See What Happened

On Tuesday, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team visited President Trump and the White House following their win at the 2017 NCAA Football National Championship.

Trump previously called Alabama’s win as ”one of the greatest victories ever.”

“Today, it was my great honor to welcome the 2017 NCAA Football National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide – to the White House,” Trump tweeted after the visit.

Per Fox Sports:

President Donald Trump hailed the University of Alabama football team’s ”win for the ages” in their latest championship season.

Trump hosted Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban and his players at the White House on Tuesday to honor their fifth national title in nine years.

The president attended the championship game in Atlanta, in which Alabama staged a second-half comeback to defeat Georgia 26-23 in overtime. Trump said backup quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s winning touchdown pass in overtime to fellow freshman DeVonta Smith after a sack ”will go down as one of the most exciting finishes in college football history – of any sport.”

”In the national championship game, you stuck to `The Process,’ even when it was looking pretty tough,” Trump said during the White House visit. ”I was watching. I said, `Coach, not looking too good.’ Down 13-to-nothing at halftime to a great Georgia team, these champions fought back as they did all season long. And they kept fighting and fighting.”

Alabama coach Nick Saban also shared a few words during the visit, “You know, not many people get invited to the White House, so not many people get invited to see the President and meet the President.”

Saban added, “So this is a special day for our team. A team that is being honored here because of their achievements in terms of winning the college football national championship, which makes me very proud.”

Following the remarks, Trump spoke with a number of players, including Alabama punter JK Scott. According to reports, the player asked the U.S. president if he could pray with him.

Trump agreed and the team gathered around to pray.

Check it out:

Per CBN News:

President Trump hosted Alabama’s Crimson Tide at the White House to celebrate their NCAA National Championship.

But what was supposed to be a standard team visit soon became a ministry opportunity for the young players from the University of Alabama men’s football team.

Shortly after President Trump delivered his remarks, a group of players approached him and, after exchanging a few words, began to pray. The huddle showed the president bowing his head while a player placed his hand on Trump’s shoulder as he prayed for him.

WAFF similarly reports, “Scott along with several of his teammates prayed with Trump after the press conference concluded.”

A touching moment for the team, the president and the nation and goes to show how people can treat one another when politics are put aside.

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