California Governor Throws Respect Out Of The Window And Takes Unprovoked Swipe At VP

California Governor Jerry Brown took to insulting Vice President Mike Pence during a press conference on Tuesday.

During the presser, a reporter asked the liberal leader about a recent comment made by the nation’s vice president. Pence previously commented on areas of the border in California which go unguarded. He said, “the border in that particular area is a problem for the whole country.”

Pence then found himself personally pilloried by the governor who responded to the reporter, “I think Pence is a problem for the whole country.” The insult was accompanied with a smirk as Brown left the stage.

Check it out:

Classy, right? Breitbart has more on Pence’s earlier remarks:

On Monday, Pence visited the border and said migrants in the caravan were victims being exploited by open-borders advocates.

“As President Trump said on Saturday night, this situation is a direct result of our weak immigration laws and our porous border,” Pence said. “This caravan, like those who have gone before, is also rightly understood as a deliberate attempt to undermine the laws of this country and the sovereignty of the United States.”

Pence added that “every American should understand these people are victims” and “they’re being exploited by open-border political activists and an agenda-driven media.”

“And in far too many cases, on this day and every day that’s preceded it, men and women and children, like those gathered at our border today, are exploited by human smugglers and criminal and drug cartels who seize of their hardship and difficulty to undermine our laws and to profit for themselves,” he added.

Brown has committed to launching attacks on Trump and the vice president. As LA Times reports, Brown is joining a multi-state lawsuit against the Trump administration:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday announced a lawsuit by California and 17 other states against the Trump administration to protect national vehicle emission standards from being rolled back by the federal government.

The lawsuit filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, seeks to set aside and hold unlawful the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to weaken the existing clean car rules.

The states argue that the EPA acted arbitrarily and capriciously, failed to follow its own regulations and violated the Clean Air Act.

“The states joining today’s lawsuit represent 140 million people who simply want cleaner and more efficient cars,” Brown said in a statement. “This phalanx of states will defend the nation’s clean car standards to boost gas mileage and curb toxic air pollution.”

And, via Associated Press:

“Pollutants coming out of vehicles, out of the tailpipe, does permanent lung damage to children living near well-traveled roads and freeways. This is a fact. The only way we’re going to overcome that is by reducing emissions,” Gov. Jerry Brown said in announcing the lawsuit along with other top California Democrats.

The rules were set six years ago when California and the Obama administration agreed to a single nationwide fuel economy standard.

Pruitt, who has sought to block or delay an array of environmental regulations, has argued that assumptions about gas prices and vehicle technology used by the Obama administration to set the standards were too optimistic. And he said the standards would hurt automakers and consumers who can’t afford or don’t want to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Automakers have likewise argued that the Obama-era rules would cost the industry billions of dollars and raise vehicle prices because of the cost of developing the necessary technology.

Rather than suing the administration, perhaps the state should focus its efforts in managing the cleanliness of its own state. As Fox News reports, the cost of cleaning areas of California are hitting record highs. Even those workers responsible for doing the cleaning are complaining the state is getting too bad and they are not properly equipped to handle the problem:

As California’s homeless population skyrockets, the cost of cleaning up the state’s numerous shanty towns is also hitting record highs — and the price tag is likely to keep rising as workers tasked with tossing the vagrants’ syringes, feces and buckets of urine fight for safer conditions.

The Golden State’s homeless population of more than 130,000 people is now about 25 percent of the nationwide total, and cleaning up after the surging group is getting costly — topping $10 million in 2016-17. But the human cost is getting equally untenable, a workers’ advocate says.

In an official grievance filed last week, the union representing California’s maintenance workers accused the state of subjecting its members to hazardous conditions without proper training or equipment.

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