Top Democrat Tweets About Major Dating App ‘Tinder,’ It’s Not What Anyone Was Expecting

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is not exactly the type to talk about a dating app that is popular among young adults, so when he tweets about one people notice.

That’s what happened on Wednesday afternoon when Schumer openly asked his followers on social media if they had a Tinder, a dating application which, according to their website, is the “world’s most popular app for meeting new people.”

“Do you have Tinder?” Schumer asked in a tweet, undoubtedly causing people to wonder what he was going to say next.

“I don’t, but if you do you’ll see their new banner encouraging users to write to their Senator to vote to save #NetNeutrality!” Schumer added.

People quickly responded to the weird tweet saying such things as, “hahahaha wait what…” and “Tinder? He’s clueless.”

Another person replied, “Senator: You should check out the website before you tweet about it and endorse it. You may want to delete this tweet after doing so.”

Here’s more:

Schumer’s Tinder tweet is a part of a larger Democrat campaign to raise awareness for an ongoing effort to force a vote on Net Neutrality.

Schumer’s Democrat colleagues are similarly campaigning for the vote:

As Politico reports, Democrats could more easily force a vote in the Senate because of the slim 50 to 49 majority currently held by Republicans:

[John] McCain’s prolonged absence also means Republicans have essentially been down a Senate seat since December, giving McConnell a majority of 50-49. Republicans have bared down on confirming nominees given their divisions on the party’s legislative agenda, but each vote requires more unity than ever from a fractured GOP. Each senator has more leverage to hold out and get concessions from party leaders in return for their consequential vote.

“It’s made it harder for us to get things done,” said Cornyn, the GOP’s chief vote counter.

Later this week, Democrats will be able pass a measure overturning the Trump administration’s rollback of net neutrality. Only a simple majority is needed under the Senate procedures being deployed, and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is poised to vote with every Democrat despite complaints from Republicans about passing the measure in McCain’s absence.

If McCain were in Washington, he would likely vote to block the Democrats’ maneuver.

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