Democrats Are Trying All They Can To Stop Identity Of FBI Informant From Getting Out

According to numerous reports, the FBI utilized the efforts of at least one embedded agent in Trump presidential campaign. The agent was reportedly used to gather intelligence such as whether or not the campaign was colluding or otherwise contacting Russian entities.

The discovery is provoking Republicans to inquire who the mole was. Interested Republicans are allegedly contacting the Justice Department for more information.

Democrats like Virginia Senator Mark Warner are trying all they can to stop the identity from being revealed. Warner has cautioned an unmasking would be “irresponsible” and could even be “illegal.”

Per Politico:

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee warned Friday that his colleagues could be committing a crime if they obtain the identity of a secret FBI source and use it to undermine the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) raised the alarm in a Friday evening statement, as Republican allies of President Donald Trump have pressed the Justice Department for details about a source believed to have aided the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump campaign contacts with Russians.

Warner then expressed his version of Uncle Ben’s “with great power comes great responsibility.”

“It would be at best irresponsible, and at worst potentially illegal, for members of Congress to use their positions to learn the identity of an FBI source for the purpose of undermining the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in our election,” Warner said, per the report. “Anyone who is entrusted with our nation’s highest secrets should act with the gravity and seriousness of purpose that knowledge deserves.”

“The first thing any new member of the Intelligence Committee learns is the critical importance of protecting sources and methods,” Warner added. “Publicly outing a source risks not only their life, but the lives of every American, because when sources are burned it makes it that much harder for every part of the intelligence community to gather intelligence on those who wish to do us harm.”

As Politico reports, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has already requested details concerning the unidentified source but was rejected by the Justice Department. According to the report, the Justice Department claimed “it would risk national security and potentially endanger lives.”

Nunes reportedly dismissed that notion and instead requested the source’s role in the campaign and ongoing Russia investigation – rather than the person’s identity.

Politico also reports that Nunes and Congressman Trey Gowdy traveled to the Justice Department last week in another effort to gain information concerning the source. It is unclear if they were successful in their attempt.

The explosive reports of an FBI informant began to emerge earlier this week, much to the frustration of the president. In a tweet, Trump called the developing incident the “all time biggest political scandal.”

“Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a “hot” Fake News story. If true – all time biggest political scandal!” Trump tweeted.

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