It’s ALL Coming Out: Obama Lied To The American People Over And Over Again

The Obama administration repeatedly lied to the American people during the Iran negotiations, a new report details.

As Associated Press reports, the Obama administration sought to utilize backchannels to continue to finance Iran despite telling the American people that he was not doing so.

The report details that, while the Obama administration placed sanctions on the country, they secretly allowed access to the U.S. financial system.

“The Obama administration lied to the American people a lot,” writes Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

He continued, “the Obama administration attempted to end-around its own sanctions in order to give cash to the worst terror sponsor on the planet.”

Here’s more from Associated Press:

The report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations revealed that under President Barack Obama, the Treasury Department issued a license in February 2016, never previously disclosed, that would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7 billion it held at a bank in Oman from Omani rials into euros by exchanging them first into U.S. dollars. If the Omani bank had allowed the exchange without such a license, it would have violated sanctions that bar Iran from transactions that touch the U.S. financial system.

Obama gave them the green light, but American banks stood up for American rule of law and rejected Iran from getting their hands on the additional funds.

“Only the fact that US banks didn’t want to violate American law prevented Iran from getting its hands on $5.7 billion more in US dollars,” Daily Wire reports.

Republican Senator Rob Portman said it straight, “The Obama administration misled the American people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran.”

Obama and members of his administration repeatedly issued public statements which countered what they were actually doing behind the scenes, Associated Press reports.

“The license issued to Bank Muscat stood in stark contrast to repeated public statements from the Obama White House, the Treasury, and the State Department, all of which denied that the administration was contemplating allowing Iran access to the U.S. financial system,” the report read. And:

Shortly after the nuclear deal was sealed in July 2015, then-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testified that even with the sanctions relief, Iran “will continue to be denied access to the world’s largest financial and commercial market.” A month later, one of Lew’s top deputies, Adam Szubin, testified that despite the nuclear deal “Iran will be denied access to the world’s most important market and unable to deal in the world’s most important currency.”

Behind the scenes, however, the Iranian banks were given access.

How could the Obama administration get away with this? They argued, as Associated Press reports, that officials were acting in accordance with “the spirit of the deal.”

The concessions of the Obama administration included allowing the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism “access to foreign reserves that had been off-limits because of the sanctions.”

According to the report, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Department of the Treasury were in on the lie as well:

Secretary of State John Kerry and other top aides fanned out across Europe, Asia and the Middle East trying to convince banks and businesses they could do business with Iran without violating sanctions and facing steep fines.

“Since Iran has kept its end of the deal, it is our responsibility to uphold ours, in both letter and spirit,” Lew said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in March 2016, without offering details.

That same week, the AP reported that the Treasury had prepared a draft of a license that would have given Iran much broader permission to convert its assets from foreign currencies into easier-to-spend currencies like euros, yen or rupees, by first exchanging them for dollars at offshore financial institutions.

Here’s what some people are saying about the new report:

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