Despite Media Hysteria, Melania Is Back And Is As Graceful As Ever

Three weeks ago, First Lady Melania Trump underwent emergency surgery as she was experiencing a problem with her kidney.

The first lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, released the following statement, notifying the public of Trump’s departure from the public eye: “This morning, first lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. The procedure was successful, and there were no complications.”

“Mrs. Trump is at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week. The first lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere,” Grisham continued.

Despite the emergency surgery and the statement, members of the media began to float conspiracies that Melania was “missing in action.”

Check it out, per Conservative Review:

On Sunday, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter acted very concerned about whether or not first lady Melania Trump is safe, as she has not been seen publicly since May 10. As a reminder, Mrs. Trump had kidney surgery on May 14. Nevertheless, Stelter decided to dedicate both air time and a large portion of his newsletter to the “controversy.”

When confronted with the fact that a reporter had seen the first lady in the West Wing of the White House just last week, Stelter claimed the “segment was about the last time she was seen in public.” In that same tweet, Stelter let us in on his concern trolling. Stelter concluded “imagine how you’d feel if a different First Lady wasn’t seen in public for 3+ weeks.”

Trump responded to the crazed coverage in a tweet: “I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing. Rest assured, I’m here at the White House with my family, feeling great, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!”

Melania’s spokeswoman also responded to the wild media speculation, calling the media corps “rabid.”

“Mrs. Trump has always been a strong and independent woman who puts her family, and certainly her health above all else, and that won’t change over a rabid press corps,” Grisham said, via Fox News. “She’s confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense.”

On Monday evening, First Lady Trump returned to the public eye in joining her husband for a scheduled White House event to honor Gold Star families.

From Fox News:

Videos of the first lady at the event, which marked her first public appearance in more than three weeks after undergoing a kidney procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, were quickly posted on social media.

Images uploaded to Twitter showed the first lady wearing a sleeveless black dress and strolling into the East Room accompanied by President Trump. The president showed her to a seat in the front row before he headed for the stage.

Check it out:

“Tonight @POTUS & I were honored to pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Thank you to the Gold Star families that joined us in celebration & remembrance,” the first lady tweeted following the event.

According to reports, Melania has a number of events over the next two days and is expected to be seen again.

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