Former Obama Staffers Fail Miserably In Trying To Ding Trump Over North Korea Deal

Following a historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the two leaders signed a joint statement which included the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Read the full agreement here.

While time will tell if North Korea is genuine and will move towards scrapping their nuclear program and facilities, the initial step has been praised by Trump supporters and critics alike. A couple former Obama-era staffers, however, are unimpressed with the Trump meeting and said the United States president emerged from Singapore with little to show.

As Twitchy reports, former Obama-era Justice Department spokesman Mark Miller criticized Trump over saying him and Kim Jong-Un formed a more friendly relationship.

Miller lambasted a tweet which quoted Trump as saying the meeting with Kim Jong-Un was “very, very good,” and that the two world leaders now share an “excellent relationship.”

“Nobody cares what your relationship is,” Miller said in a tweet. “You either get him to denuclearize or you failed. That’s it. That’s what being president means.”

Some people responded to the tweet and reminded Miller that the Obama administration did little to nothing to rectify the North Korean situation and even formed deals with Iran while allowing them to keep their nuclear program in place.

Take a look:

Former Obama-era Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes also tried to criticize Trump. In a series of tweets, Rhodes condemned Trump’s peace agreement.

“Just trying to imagine what the media / political reaction would have been if Obama had lavishly embraced Kim Jong Un for those results,” Rhodes said in a tweet.

Some people saw right through the tweets and instead said he was being critical of Obama:

Rhodes again dinged his former boss shortly before the Trump meeting by reportedly saying any deal agreed to by the U.S. needed to include inspections.

Some people immediately claimed the Obama administration failed to do this in the Obama administration’s landmark Iranian deal:

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