Report: Canada Routinely Conducts Missions In The U.S. To Caution Immigrants About Coming Into Their Country

Canadain lawmakers are looking to implement new immigration tactics to caution immigrants from Central and South America from flooding their country. Typically, as Washington Examiner reports, these immigrants are coming through the United States or are fleeing the country because they are fearful of deportation by U.S. law enforcement.

Per the report:

Similar to President Trump working to secure America’s border with Mexico, Canada is also now working to strengthen its own southern border.

Canadian officials traveled to the U.S. this week to warn immigrants that they can’t cross the border into Canada to escape President Trump’s immigration policies.

As USA Today reports, Canadian officials are traveling to California, Florida, and other regions to inform immigrants that Canada has its own immigration system and those people seeking to enter must do so legally and abide by the law:

In what has become an increasingly regular mission, Canadian representatives visited the U.S this week to warn immigrants fearful over President Trump’s immigration crackdown that they can’t simply rush north of the border to find safe haven.

Randy Boissonnault, a liberal member of Parliament and a special advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, visited South Florida this week to try to educate would-be immigrants about the limitations of the Canadian immigration system.

In the past year, Canada has seen bursts of U.S.-based immigrants crossing illegally into Canada, mostly into the Quebec province that borders New York and other northeastern U.S. states.

According to the Washington Examiner report, Canada has recently witnessed a spike in immigrants illegally crossing their border. Royal Canadian Mounted Police reportedly found more than 5,500 illegal immigrants in one month trying to enter their country. As Washington Examiner reports, most of those immigrants were Haitian whose legal protections in the U.S. were soon set to expire.

“Only about 8% of their asylum applications have been approved, however, meaning the vast majority have been turned down and are being deported straight back to their home countries,” USA Today reports.

Canadian officials want to caution immigrants not to see Canada as “promised land.”

“People seem to think that if they cross the border there’s this land of milk and honey on the other side,” Boissonnault said, per the report. “What we want is for people to have the right information. We want them to do the right thing for their families.”

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Director of Parliamentary Affairs Olga Radchenko said her office is looking to echo that message.

“Canadians are broadly supportive of immigration,” Radchenko said. “But Canadians truly believe in order and well-managed immigration.”

While Canada is willing to accept more immigrants, the missions of their officials across the U.S. are to emphasize immigration law and to request these immigrants respect the process:

Part of the reason many immigrants try their luck in Canada is the way the country has responded to the global refugee crisis.

The country has been increasing the total number of immigrants it admits each year. It’s on pace to accept 310,000 permanent residents this year, with a goal of increasing the annual total to 340,000 by 2020.

The Canadian government has also increased the number of refugees it accepts to help ease the burden on European countries that are overwhelmed with people fleeing war and famine in the Middle East and Africa. The country is planning to accept about 43,000 refugees this year, increasing that to nearly 49,000 by 2020.


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