Tim Tebow Responds To Internet Trolls Who Claim He Knelt During The National Anthem

Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick share some characteristics in common: both athletes played as quarterbacks in the NFL, both are vocal in supporting causes they are passionate about, and both are known for taking a knee on the field. But, as Tebow recently clarified, he has never and would never take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.

Kneeling while on a football field was famously dubbed “Tebowing” after the former Denver Bronco knelt in prayer near the sidelines. He also dropped to one knee after scoring, as he puts it, to thank Jesus rather than to celebrate. But, as USA Today reports, some internet trolls have recently taken the picture of Tebow kneeling and misrepresented it to say he knelt during the Anthem.

Furthermore, the posts contrast how Tebow was praised for his actions (which he was) for his Anthem protests (which he never did) and how Kaepernick was criticized.

As Faithwire reports, “Tebow has sought to set the record straight over an image that shows him kneeling on the field, supposedly during the national anthem. Many have suggested that he was protesting the issue of abortion and chose to use the national anthem as a vehicle for his boycott, as has been the case with football players in recent months.”

Check it out:

Posts similar to the one above prompted the following response from Tebow:

“I think that’s sometimes one of the things that’s a little bit sad is sometimes people will just try to create something that had zero truth,’’ Tebow said, according to USA Today.

“I never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country. And then stories can get written and they can get put out of proportion.’’

Tebow, who now plays baseball for a New York Mets affiliate team, humbly said the kneeling was a private gesture he did to thank Jesus, not to celebrate a score.

“A lot of people even think it was a touchdown celebration,’’ Tebow said.

“I never did it to celebrate a touchdown. I did it from my sophomore year in high school all the way through the NFL, that before and after games I would get on a knee to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and also put things into perspective.”

“It was never something I did to take away from somebody else,” he continued. “It was just something I did with a personal relationship with my God.”

“So I think that’s just sometimes disappointing when things get taken away from the truth and then it’s just created into whatever somebody wants it to be.’’

Tebow also shared his thoughts about the kneeling and the National Anthem protests which made headlines over the past couple NFL seasons.

“I think when people believe in something and they stand for that, I don’t knock them for that,’’ he said. “Even if I agree with some or disagree with some, I appreciate it when people have convictions and they stand for that.”

The man known for transparently expressing his Christian views said it is important to understand the hearts of those players who knelt.

“I think it’s important how we do that as well. So I think there’s a lot of players that I’m friends with that have been on both sides and I understand it and I think what’s more important is to know their heart and where they’re coming from and where the conviction stands in their heart and what they really want to share.’’

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