While You Weren’t Looking: Dem. Lawmaker Proposed Bill For Taxpayers To Pay For His Rent

It is tough to find cheap housing options to live in the nation’s capital, so Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson wants someone else to pay the cost: taxpayers.

In recently offering forward a bill to have taxpayers cover the cost of his monthly rent, the Democrat essentially said his already large, six-figure salary was not enough and he wants (or needs) more.

If passed, the bill would not just force taxpayers to cover his rent, but every other member of the House of Representatives.

Per Free Beacon:

Democratic members of Congress want taxpayers to subsidize their housing, signing onto legislation that would allow them to deduct living expenses for members of the House of Representatives.

In an effort to alleviate the expensive living cost of Washington D.C., some members of Congress have been known to sleep in their own offices. Thompson’s bill would eliminate such practices as well:

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.) introduced a bill that would ban members of Congress from sleeping in their offices and would change the tax code to allow House members to deduct their spending on housing in D.C. up to $3,000. The deduction would not apply to senators.

Thompson’s proposal includes the renovating of a building near the Capitol into apartment living quarters for members.

As Free Beacon reports, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), a government watchdog group, criticized the proposal as nothing more than “taxpayer-funded dorms.”

“On May 16, 2018, Rep. Thompson introduced H.R. 5845, the ‘No Couches for Congress Act,’ which would ban members of Congress from sleeping in their offices,” the group said in a statement. “He also proposed converting vacant residence halls near the Capitol into ‘affordable‘ housing for members of Congress, who make $174,000 per year. He claimed that it would be available for members who found housing costs to be ‘prohibitive.'”

“However, the claim that housing is unaffordable is belied by the average monthly cost of a studio apartment in Washington, D.C., which is $1,602, or less than 10 percent of members’ annual salary,” the group continued. “The average American spends 33 percent of his or her annual income on housing.”

Some people online criticized the Democrat’s idea as a money-grab and said they have some nerve to request more money:

It should be remembered these same members looking for federally subsidized living are the same group which voted to exempt themselves from Obamacare.

The bill has 23 co-sponsors, they are all Democrats.

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