‘We Were Scared’: CBS News Crew Goes To U.S.-Mexico Border, STUNNED By Broad Daylight Illegal Crossing

A CBS News crew was surprised when, after traveling to Roma, Texas, they witnessed how easily people can illegally cross the United States-Mexico border.

According to their account, they were in the city to cover a story on how people were getting letters regarding the border wall when they witnessed two people being ferried across the Rio Grande from Mexico and illegally passed into the United States.

David Begnaud, the CBS reporter, and his producer said they crossed into Mexico, via the international port of entry where they saw a man guiding a raft with two people on it across the Rio Grande. The crossing took place in broad daylight and was within a hundred yards of the international port of entry, they said in their account.

Begnaud suspected the man moving the raft may have worked with or alongside the cartel and was responsible for smuggling people into the U.S. The reporter said the person delivered the raft to the U.S. then walked across the river into Mexico.

While Begnaud and his producer were watching the incident, they were approached by a fourth man who, speaking Spanish, told them the area was not safe and that they would have to leave. The news crew called this man a “scout,” a person they suspected of being the lookout responsible for knowing when it was safe to cross.

Here’s more, from Breitbart:

While shooting a segment along the river border, he was shocked to see a group of illegal immigrants making their way across the river in broad daylight a few hundred yards from a U.S. Customs and Border Protection port of entry. He was even more shocked when a man with a two-way radio approached them and told them to leave.

“What was surprising for us to see is that this happened in broad daylight about a hundred yards from that international bridge,” Begnaud said while gesturing to the port of entry, “where there are dozens of Customs and Border Protection officers.”

He seemed shocked that CBP officers processing vehicles and pedestrian traffic on the bridge did not notice three people on a makeshift raft making their way from Mexico to Texas.

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“I look over toward him and he’s gesturing, essentially telling me to get out,” Begnaud said in his account. “He ends up saying to my producer and I, ‘ it’s not safe here and you need to go.”

“I’ll tell you, we were scared,” Begnaud said of his interaction with the scout. “It was ominous to listen to him and he clearly was letting us know that it was time to get out.”

He said the scout was holding a walkie-talkie and that he was communicating with the man ferrying the raft.

“We could hear the guy in the raft talking back to him, and they were telling us to get out of the area,” the reporter said.

Here’s even more:

Begnaud also seemed surprised to learn about the intelligence level of the human smuggling operations. He said the incident he witnessed occurred during a Border Patrol shift change. He said a source within Border Patrol told them, “The smugglers, they know exactly what time to do this type of activity here on the river.”

“This is an example of why the Trump Administration has been pushing for a border wall,” Begnaud explained. “It’s one reason why they want to try and put the wall through here. There is no wall through here.”

He said residents he talked to in Roma want to see more border security. He said they want more Border Patrol agents, equipment and modern technology.

“I’ll tell ya, you don’t need much modern technology to see what we saw today,” Begnaud concluded. “It was clear, it was evident, and it happened quickly. The guy got them on to this side, they ran off into the woods, and from what we can tell, Border Patrol never found them.”

Watch the video of their account here.