Hillary Tried To Swipe Trump Over Putin Meeting, James Woods ROASTED Her For It

Ahead of the 2018 congressional elections, it seems Hillary Clinton is trying to slowly crawl back to relevance where she will undoubtedly be helping Democrat candidates across the country.

Her slow crawl came full stop when she ran hard into a tweet from James Woods.

Clinton, particularly frustrated over President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin – just two of the many she blames for her presidential loss – looked to lash out over social media.

Clinton tweeted: “Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?”

Of course, she found some support…

…and she ran in to some conservative headwinds:

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But the biggest slam down of Clinton’s tweet had to have been Woods who said Trump plays for the “varsity” team.

The actor tweeted, “The varsity. You’re selling hot dogs in the bleachers. Get back to work.”


People loved it, par for the course for Woods.

And, here’s more from Woods: