Trump: ‘We’re Going To Start To Get Very Nasty Over The Wall’

The wagers are on the table and it seems President Trump is going all-in on the border wall.

During a “Make America Great Again” rally with Congressman Lou Barletta, a senatorial candidate in Pennsylvania, Trump said he was committed to getting funding for a border wall – something he has promised his supporters since his 2016 presidential campaign.

Previously, Trump was only about to get $1.6 billion to repair parts of the existing border wall, but no additional funds to construct new sections.

“So we’ve started the wall, $1.6 billion. We’re fixing walls all over the border. We’re about to get very nasty over the wall,” the president said, as ABC News reports. “you know, the Democrats – anything I want – and it’s not even the Republicans, I don’t know if they care about the Republicans. They care about me. They’re very concerned. Anything I want, they want to oppose.”

Trump then jokingly said he would exploit Democrat opposition to get them into supporting the border wall: “You know, I just figured out how to do the wall: I’ll say, ‘I don’t want to build the wall,’ and they’ll insist on building it.” The comment was well received by the Pennsylvania crowd.

“A lot of great Republicans – they’re well-meaning,” the president continued. “They say, ‘Look, we have the best economy ever. We’re doing great. Maybe we don’t want to complicate it.’ And I understand it. You know, I’m a little torn myself. I would personally prefer [a shutdown] before [November’s midterm elections]. But whether it’s before or after, we’re either getting it or we’re shutting down the government. We need border security. We need border security.”

The president is taking the fight for its construction close to the November congressional elections in what is undoubtedly seen as a winner-take-all. Should Republicans and the president hold out and get funds appropriated for a border wall, then voters will probably be more energized to go out and vote. Should they falter and allow Democrats to score a win ahead of the crucial elections, then it could reflect negatively for conservatives.

From ABC News:

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The president believes a standoff would be worth the chance to force Congress’ hand over border funding — much as he did at the beginning of the year when the government shut down for three days over a resolution for DACA recipients that also ensnared wall funding.

Just before that shut down in January, an ABC News/Washington Post poll found Americans would be substantially more likely to blame Trump and the Republicans in Congress for a shut down, rather than the Democrats — numbers that are particularly noteworthy three months ahead of midterm elections where a wave of Democratic enthusiasm is predicted to crest.