WHAT?! 1993 World Trade Center Bomber Is Suing The U.S.

The person convicted for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center is suing the United States for alleged religious discrimination.

The man, Ahmad Ajaj who is serving 114 years in prison, claims his meals are not catered to his Islamic beliefs and he has not been given a Muslim prayer leader.

Joe Connor, the author of “Shattered Lives” and who lost his father and cousin to separate terror incidents, was asked by the hosts of “Fox & Friends” how he felt about the remark.

“This is a religious issue for him? We aren’t giving him his religious rights? What about the six people who were murdered that day and the unborn baby that was murdered that day? What about the 100,000 people they planned to kill?” Connor asked.

“They brought a bomb in that was 12,000 pounds of nitrates. they expected to knock one tower into the other and kill 100,000 people. That was their goal. The fact that they failed and only killed 6 people… for the people who get killed its no less a tragedy than the thousands [who were not].”

“This guy wanted to kill 100,000 or more Americans because of our religions – Jew, Christian, whatever – and now he expects us to cater to the food that he is eating? Enough, this is a war, let’s fight it like a war.”

Connor said the terrorist is being treated as fairly as a human being can be treated for what he did and said the situation would be much different should the roles have been reversed.

“If there was an American caught by Al Qaeda, he would have been beheaded. He would have been disemboweled. I was at Guantamino Bay and I’ve seen how well these guys are treated given what they’ve done and he’s no different.

The Fox & Friends host emphasized that it was not just alleged discrimination based on his food service, but that the convicted terrorist was not given an iman.



People online were pretty one-sided on the issue:

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