Why Though? Obama Set To Receive Ethics Award

Conservatives are scratching their heads hard on this one: former President Obama is set to receive an ethics award for his time serving in the White House.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, Obama will be visiting the University of Illinois next week to accept its Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government.

The University describes the award is granted to individuals who exemplify “the understanding and practice of ethical behavior in public service.”

Daily Wire describes the award as ironic and offered a number of reasons Obama does not exactly qualify for an ethics award:

That award flies in the face of this list of events during the Obama Administration: the Fast and Furious scandal; the IRS targeting conservative groups; Obama making light of ISIS, calling it the “JV team”; protecting the terrorist group Hezbollah by stalling project Cassandra; spying on Fox News’ James Rosen, and lying to the American people in order to sell the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, among other nefarious occurrences.

Tim Killeen, president of the U of I System, said in the school’s newsletter: “We are honored that President Obama will personally address our students. And we are grateful to IGPA for bringing President Obama here, and giving his home state’s flagship University System an opportunity to recognize his dedicated service to our state and nation.”

Jon S. Davis, interim director of Institute of Government and Public Affairs, similarly echoed: “We are so pleased that President Obama has chosen to accept this award and share his unique insights directly with students from across the University of Illinois System.”

Here’s more from the newsletter:

The University of Illinois System will honor former President Barack Obama on Friday, Sept. 7, with the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government, presented annually by the system’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA) to recognize public officials who promote the highest standards of public service.

Obama will accept the invitation of a national selection committee to receive the IGPA’s Douglas Award, which has been given annually since 1994 to public officials who have made significant contributions to the understanding and practice of ethical behavior in public service. It honors late Illinois Sen. Paul Douglas (1892-1976), who became known as the “conscience of the Senate” because of his deep commitment to high ethical standards while serving as a senator from 1949 to 1967.

Per the newsletter, the former president will be the 28th person to receive the award which was previously given to Senator John McCain, Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and John Paul Stevens, Senators Barbara Mikulski and Olympia Snowe, Archibald Cox, and Representative John Lewis.

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