GOP Senator: If Democrats Are Already Voting No, Why Do They Need More Documents?

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley slammed Democrats over claims that the Republican Party was attempting to hide or prevent the release of documents concerning nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Grassley, who has been constantly interrupted by Democrats on the committee and has been unable to finish his opening remarks for more than an hour, has defended preventing the release of more documents. According to Grassley, who was frequently asked about the remaining documents not yet released to the Senate committee members, said essentially that enough was enough. The chairman said more than 480,000 pages of information on Kavanaugh’s records have been released – this number is larger than the last five Supreme Court justice nominees combined and the most in Senate history.

The chairman also defended that many of the omitted documents, which were largely from Kavanaugh’s time serving in the George W. Bush administration, include highly confidential national security advice to the president and members of the administration.

Grassley remarked that Kavanaugh was the most qualified nominee he has seen brought before the committee since he first entered the Senate in 1981. He has previously witnessed 15 Supreme Court nominee hearings.

Senator John Cornyn similarly rejected Democrat opposition by simply saying his Democrat colleagues have already said they would be voting against the nominee prior to his hearing.

“The fact is, it is hard to take [Democrat complaints] seriously when every one of our colleagues in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Democratic side have announced their opposition to this nominee even before today’s hearing. So it’s hard to take seriously their claim that they can’t do their job because they have been denied access to attorney-client or executive privilege documents when they have already made up their mind before the hearing. There’s nothing fair about that.”

Why should the documents be released if Democrats are already voting against the nominee?

Good question.

Here’s more, from Fox News:

Republican Sen. John Cornyn suggested his Democratic colleagues’ behavior at the start of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing would render them held “in contempt of court” in a regular court proceeding.

Fireworks erupted at the hearing as soon as Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley began his opening statements. Democrats continuously interrupted and spoke over the 84-year-old Republican to ask for more time to review some 42,000 documents the committee received last minute.


But Sen. Cornyn admonished his Democratic colleagues, saying if the hearing was “handled like a court of law” – as one Democrat had suggested – then “virtually every member” of the Democratic side “would be held in contempt of court.”

“Because this whole process is supposed to be a civil one where people get to ask questions and we get to get answers, and that’s the basis we’re to exercise our constitutional responsibilities of advice and consent so I would just suggest we got on with the hearing,” Cornyn said.

He later said Democrats were trying to run the hearing according to “mob rule” and said they were being unfair as they had “already made up their minds” prior to the hearing.

If the first couple hours of the hearing are any indication, asking for more documents to be released is a delay tactic. Check it out:


Democrats mentioned there are more than 6 to 7 million documents concerning Kavanaugh. Quite a delay tactic, should they continue to ask for them all to be released.

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