Knowing They Can’t Win, Democrats Create SICK Conspiracy About Kavanaugh’s Former Clerk

Democrats have all but admitted defeat in the fight over whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

They have nothing besides delays, protests, and now wild conspiracies.

Moving on from Kavanaugh, liberals online are now going after an aide of the Trump administration, Zina Bash, who attended the confirmation hearing.

The Business Insider reports Bash is a former law clerk of Kavanaugh’s.

During the first day of the confirmation, Bash was sitting just over the left shoulder of Kavanaugh. At one moment of the hearing, the Republican aide crossed her arms and rested her hands on her forearms. People online are claiming she was posting a white supremacy symbol.

Cue the conspiracy:

Here’s more, from the Washington Post:

Bash was making the “okay” sign with her hand, it appeared. Several left-leaning Twitter users with large followings believed that Bash was promoting a symbol that means “white power.” Eugene Gu, a doctor with more than 200,000 Twitter followers who has become a well-known #Resistance Twitter figure, tweeted that Bash was “flashing a white power sign behind him during his Senate confirmation hearing. They literally want to bring white supremacy to the Supreme Court. What a national outrage and a disgrace to the rule of law.”

His tweet has more than 13,000 retweets. The video from another user that is embedded in Gu’s tweet, focusing in on Bash’s hand, is approaching 4 million views.

Bash’s husband, John Bash, a United States attorney, rejected the story and said those pushing the conspiracy “should be ashamed.”

“Everyone tweeting this vicious conspiracy theory should be ashamed of themselves,” John Bash wrote. “We weren’t even familiar with the hateful symbol being attributed to her for the random way she rested her hand during a long hearing.”

Needless to say, this conspiracy could not be further from the truth:

And, from the Daily Wire:

The ridiculousness of the accusation was immediately pointed out as it was noted Bash is half-Mexican and half-Jewish, as well as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

The “A-OK” gesture that Bash’s hand seemed to make has been propounded as a signal to white supremacists, a claim that was debunked. To see the history of how the gesture became associated with white supremacy, see here.

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