Former Secret Service Agent SLAMS Democrats: ‘They Live In A Bizarro World Of Stupid Right Now.’

Former Secret Service Dan Bongino has had enough from Democrats.

During a segment on his show, “We Stand” on NRA TV, he argued Democrat lawmakers were “devoid of any facts whatsoever” and have brought nothing of ideological value to the political table.

They oppose President Trump and other Republicans because they have nothing else to offer.

The former Secret Service agent had a particular issue with Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who are interviewing the United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Bongino described the outburst by Democrats on the committee as a “sad Saturday sitcom that couldn’t play during the weekday.”

He also said the political process has “gone so far down the troubled road and off the cliff.”

“There are credible people out there, people with advanced degrees from Yale Law School and otherwise who have claimed that if Brett Kavanaugh is put on the Supreme Court that people will die. This is what our politics has devolved to: ‘people will die.’ And, by the way, [they are] not the only ones. Diane Feinstein, Senate Democrat icon on the other side seemed to insinuate this the other day in her questioning of Kavanaugh in the Second Amendment issue.”

“Now, because Democrats are completely knee-deep in a quagmire of emotion, devoid of any facts whatsoever because they’re completely divorced from reality, from facts, from what’s going on in the real world. They live in a bizarro world of stupid right now. This ‘People Will Die’ has become their standard mantra.”

Bongino then shared a montage of Democrat icons like Senator Cory Booker, Democrat National Chairman Tom Perez, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Bernie Sanders, and others who claimed the passage of various bills like Net Neutrality or the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate would lead to deaths. Pelosi even used the phrase, “This is life or death. This is Armageddon.”

The former Secret Service agent laughed briefly after the video ended before continuing: “You know folks, what do you do? Do you laugh? Do you cry? These people actually elected by sentient beings that have intellects above a 60 intelligence quotient. These people are somehow elected.”

“People will die? Now this is an old-school tactic used by the Democrats to again – bury you in a quagmire of emotion so you don’t pay attention to actual facts. They can’t argue economic facts. They can’t argue healthcare facts, education facts, regulatory facts. They can’t argue any of it, they never could. So, they bury you in an avalanche of emotions hoping to lose you in an emotional response not to vote for them – the Democrats – but against the other guys, notable Kavanaugh and the Republicans.”

“If you vote for Kavanaugh, people will die. That is a nonsensical, ridiculous statement devoid of reality. You are living in an alternate universe. But it doesn’t matter because facts don’t matter. We live in a post-fact society thanks to the far Left and the media right now.

Check it out:

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