‘Best Thing You’ll See All Day!’ Video Of Cory Booker Get Seinfeld Crossover — It’s Hilarious!

Democrat Senator Cory Booker is the “bad boy” after his most recent stunt of faking the release of “committee confidential” documents.

On Wednesday evening, Booker claimed he would be willing to endure any penalty to get the truth out there to the American people concerning some emails which involved Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Come to find out, the very next day, the emails he released were not at all damaging to Kavanaugh and were already made public.

The failed political posturing caused Booker to be the butt of many jokes online, including one outstanding parody by the Washington Free Beacon.

The video compared Booker’s faked heroism to that of Seinfeld’s George Constanza’s attempt to be the “bad boy.”

Check it out:

There you have it, Booker is the bad boy he always wanted to be.

People widely praised the video, only adding to Booker’s embarrassment:

Costanza is not the only person Booker is being compared to, but Frasier Crane as well.

“If we are going to plumb the depths of popular culture, however, I think Frasier Crane may offer a more apt comparison than George Costanza,” Jonah Goldberg at the National Review wrote.

Check it out:

Either way, Booker sought attention and got it. Hopefully, the committee will proceed with Kavanaugh’s quick confirmation so the Trump administration can go back to making history.

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