EXPLOSIVE: Trump Reportedly To Declassify Documents THIS WEEK

It has long been rumored that President Trump would declassify and release documents concerning his former campaign adviser Carter Page and senior Justice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr, but it looks like it now may happen — and real soon.

According to reports, Trump is reportedly eyeing the declassification of the documents this week. It’s safe to say, that this will shake things up in a big, BIG way.

From Axios:

The big picture: Republicans on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees believe the declassification will permanently taint the Trump-Russia investigation by showing the investigation was illegitimate to begin with. Trump has been hammering the same theme for months.

  • They allege that Bruce Ohr played an improper intermediary role between the Justice Department, British spy Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS — the opposition research firm that produced the Trump-Russia dossier, funded by Democrats. (Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS on Russia-related matters during the presidential election — a fact that Ohr did not disclose on federal forms.)
  • And they further allege that the Obama administration improperly spied on Carter Page — all to take down Trump.

Washington Examiner has more on Page and Ohr:

Page was targeted by four FISA warrants during the 2016 campaign due to suspicious ties to the Russians. The FBI used information from the infamous dossier by ex-British spy Christopher Steele in its warrant applications, even though some of its claims, including those about Trump’s ties to Russia, were not verified.

Meanwhile Ohr has come under fire by congressional Republicans in recent weeks after it was discovered he went over his superiors’ heads at the DOJ and contacted the FBI with information he obtained from Steele and his wife Nellie Ohr, who was a contractor for Fusion GPS, the same opposition research firm that commissioned Steele’s dossier. Ohr did not state in federal forms that Nellie worked for Fusion GPS during the election.

If Republican lawmakers have been correct in their assessments, then the declassification of these documents could not only spell doom for Democrats in November but for the special counsel investigation as well.

Would Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department continue to allow Robert Mueller and his investigative team to continue knowing the entire investigation was based on the lies found in the dossier?

“It’s now put up or shut up time. We should find out very soon whether these documents are as explosive as advertised,” Axios said in the report.

“Well, we’re looking at it very seriously right now because the things that have gone on are so bad, so bad. I mean they were surveilling my campaign,” Trump said to the Daily Caller. “If that happened on the other foot, they would’ve considered that treasonous. They would’ve considered that spying at the highest level. Can you imagine if we were doing that to [former President Barack] Obama instead of Obama and his people doing that to us? Everybody would’ve been in jail for the next 500 years. OK? Can you believe it, where they paid this guy millions of dollars, it turned out? If you look at all of the things that are happening.”

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