Liberty: Bald Eagle Lands Atop Fire Truck During 9/11 Tribute

A Minnesota tribute on the 17th anniversary for the terror attack of September 11 had an uninvited but incredibly welcomed visitor: a bald eagle.

The majestic national bird swept in and remained perched on the top of a firefighter’s truck, which was parked over a highway overpass, creating an amazing sight for those present.

The sight spellbound those who witnessed it and, as they respected and mourned those who were lost, the bird stood tall during the somber moment.

From Fox News:

The national bird landed Tuesday on top of a firefighters’ aerial truck parked on a highway overpass in the northern Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids.

Members of the Andover Fire Department were gathered to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks and to the 9/11 emergency responders.

The Fire Department posted video of the eagle’s landing on its Facebook page. After perching on the basket at the top of the truck, the eagle flew off.

Draped below the firefighter’s vehicle were American flags and a banner which read, “We will never forget.”

Check it out:

Some people online shared in amazement over the phenomenon:

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