Florence: More Than 500,000 People Out Of Power As Hurricane Makes Landfall — Here’s The Latest

Hurricane Florence is crushing North Carolina’s east coast with high wind speeds and an abundance of water. The dangerous combination has caused disastrous storm surges and aggressive flooding areas across the coastal region.

Live reporters at the scene have been forced to dodge debris coming from destroyed homes and buildings. Overwhelming gusts and pelting rains are a constant worry for those who did not evacuate the area.

Ahead of the hurricane’s landfall early on Friday morning, it had already knocked out the electricity for more than 500,000 residents of the Carolinas. The storm officially made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane and it is expected to continue to decline to a tropical depression by the day’s end.

From Fox News:

The powerful Hurricane Florence made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, early Friday morning as the Category 1 storm battered the coast with hurricane-force winds and heavy rains that officials warned could trigger catastrophic floods.

The National Hurricane Center said Florence’s eyewall made landfall at about 7:15 am with estimated maximum winds of 90 mph.

And, from USA Today:

Power outages from Hurricane Florence, which made landfall Friday morning in North Carolina, have topped 500,000 customers.

This is according to data from poweroutage.us, which tracks the USA’s electrical power grid. Most of the outages are in North Carolina, though several thousand are without power in South Carolina.

The number of outages is expected to  keep growing. The Weather Channel estimated that up to 3 million customers might lose power in the Carolinas due to Florence.

Duke Energy, which provides electricity to customers in eastern North Carolina, has roughly 300,000 customers without power. That’s 30 percent of the customers in this service area.

Tremendous amounts of rain have overwhelmed the mostly flat east coast and caused what ABC News is calling “catastrophic flooding.” The report says flooding is growing at two inches an hour and, as some parts of the state, is already as high as street signs.

From ABC News:

In nearby New Bern, where water levels reached 10 feet overnight, 150 people have requested rescue. Volunteers are using private boats to pitch in and help, city spokeswoman Colleen Roberts said.

The downtown area, at the confluence of two rivers, is mostly underwater.

“You may need to move up to the second story, or to your attic, but WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU,” the city said on Twitter.

The storm is slowly trudging through the city and engulfing homes and entire neighborhoods, making an already horrific situation worse.

Pray for all those affected by Hurricane Florence, including those first responders and emergency management officials who are heading into the storm to help save victims.

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