‘You Sir Are The Joke’: Liberal Lawyer Michael Avenatti Gets Whipped By Trump’s Campaign Manager

President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale works tirelessly behind the scenes and intentionally seeks to avoid the media attention and buzz which comes alongside working with the president – especially one who has built a career in show business.

Parscale is often busy and is already gearing up for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, so when he takes time away from working to verbally slam a top Trump critic, you know it is going to be good.

On social media, Parscale clashed with lawyer and frequent Trump critic Michael Avenatti.

The campaign manager quietly posted a picture of himself with Eric Trump and said the two were remaining focused on reaching out to voters and getting Trump re-elected.

“Raising money with ⁦@EricTrump in California! Donors in California love ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ $$$” Parscale said over Twitter. The comment was accompanied by a selfie of Parscale and Trump aboard a private plane.


Avenatti, who clearly does not know who Parscale is, called the Trump campaign manager a “joke” and accused him of being affluent and ostentatious.

We get it, Avenatti could have just been looking to provoke a reaction out of Parscale when he critiqued his clothing accessories and decision to fly in a private jet. But, boy, did he get one.

“Ladies and Gentlemen – I bring you the men fighting on the front lines for working class people across America,” Avenatti replied. “Pls ignore the shades, gold watch, smug look, private jet, and sheer cockiness. Trust me – they really do care about you. What a joke.”

The lawyer who is representing Stormy Daniels in the case against President Trump walked right into a verbal lashing from Parscale.

Caution: what you’re about to read is a red-hot grilling.

“You sir are the joke,” Parscale opens before defending the picture. “Watch: 46 years old inherited from my dad who would run circles around you as working class. Plane: shuttle for 12 staff at ($400 each) which was cheaper. Born in Kansas and began my biz with $500.”

“Sir I am middle America working class,” he concludes.


There was no reply was Avenatti at the time of publishing and there probably will not be. He came, he tried, he ran away in defeat.

CNN reported a thorough report on Parscale earlier in the year which is worth taking a look at for those unfamiliar with the data guru:

Brad Parscale, who flew under the radar throughout most of 2016 as the Trump campaign’s digital advertising and data guru. That relative anonymity began to unfurl on Tuesday with the announcement that Parscale will helm Trump’s 2020 re-election bid as campaign manager, but his appointment was little surprise to Trump campaign veterans and insiders.

Even Parscale’s title in 2016 as the campaign’s digital director undersold his influence within the organization and his impact on Trump’s stunning electoral victory.

Officially hired in June 2016, Parscale helmed the Trump campaign’s data analytics team. That operation came to dictate nearly every move the campaign made in the final months to Election Day, from Trump’s travel schedule to the campaign’s allocation of human and financial resources in key battleground states.

“Brad had a pretty complex understanding of how to look at numbers and data in real time and then be able to allocate resources based on what he was seeing real time,” a former senior Trump campaign official said.

In the final weeks, that meant moving resources into states like Michigan and Wisconsin that were expected to go blue in 2016 but ended up proving crucial to Trump’s upset victory.

“I was, like, ‘we can go in and get this,’ and I changed all the budgets around,” Parscale told CBS’s “60 Minutes” last year. “I took every nickel and dime I could out of anywhere else. And I moved it to Michigan and Wisconsin. And I started buying advertising, digital, TV.”

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