Tucker Carlson RIPS CNN For Claiming The Left Does Not Organize Mobs

Those who have been watching the political news over the past two years, even briefly, may have noticed when any single action that is contrary to the beliefs of those on the Left occurs, resistance ensues.

This resistance takes many forms but most often comes in the way of large groups of people arguing, screaming, rioting, or indiscriminately destroying something.

On President Trump’s inauguration day, people trashed a Starbucks and a Bank of America in Washington D.C. People were pushed, hit, and jumped on that day as well. All across America, for the repeal of the Net Neutrality Act, the pulling out of the Paris Climate accords, the appointment and confirmation of Trump administration officials — most recently with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — mobs form and are hellbent on getting their point across.

Similarly, groups of people have taken to crowding legislative officials and Trump administration officials.

There are mobs, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson argued in a monologue on Wednesday evening.

The focus of his sentiments was on the fact these mobs do exist, despite CNN host Don Lemon and others on the Left who claim they do not.

From BizPac Review:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed CNN pundits Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin for insisting that violent leftist mobs do not exist — despite the ample video footage of those mobs assaulting Trump supporters, vandalizing property, and blocking traffic.

In their disingenuous denial of leftist mobs, Carlson said the mainstream media are parroting the Democrat Party’s talking points in order to gaslight their viewers.

Carlson brought up the situation which happened to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, when a group forced him and his wife out of a restaurant where they intended to have dinner over the then-upcoming Kavanaugh vote.

“Angry left-wing mobs are everywhere right now. They’re yelling at Republicans in restaurants and airports, pounding on the front doors of the Supreme Court. They’re blocking intersections, threatening passersby on the street. This is the youth wing of the Democratic Party.”

Carlson then echoed his claim that mainstream media outlets are contributing to leftist propaganda in claiming the mobs do not exist.

“If the Democratic Party’s position is they do not exist, then there are no mobs,” Carlson continued. “Ignore your lying eyes! Not surprisingly, the media is saying exactly the same thing.”

And, from Mediaite:

He teed up the “Orwellian exchange” with Baldwin, in which the CNN anchor took issue with Matt Lewis saying that Ted Cruz was confronted by a “mob” at a restaurant recently.

“So a mob is not actually a mob because the word mob is not allowed on television anymore,” Carlson said. “But wait. Aren’t journalists supposed to be the champions of clear language? Well, not when euphemism better serves their political goals. If banning words is what it takes to help the Democratic party, they’re happy to do it.”

Carlson ended his monologue by claiming Lemon and others on the CNN panel would not be defending the actions of the mob if simply their political parties or political interests were flipped.

If a group of Republicans forced a Democrat lawmaker out of a dinner in Washington, Carlson argued, Lemon would not condone the action “a legitimate, constitutionally-protected protest.”


And, from a Carlson op-ed with Fox News:

You may have seen college campuses descend into rioting simply because conservatives showed up to talk.

And just this past weekend, you may have watched transfixed as groups of hysterical young people yelled at Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill and then pounded in rage on the front doors of the Supreme Court.

All of this may have given you the mistaken impression that there is a threat of disorder and lawlessness from the left building in this country, some of it funded by a man that The Washington Post neutrally describes as “philanthropist” George Soros.

Well, rest easy, says The Post. In fact, all of this talk of left-wing mobs “taps grievances about the nation’s fast-moving cultural and demographic shifts.” In other words, this is racism, and it’s designed says, The Post, “for the benefit of white voters, particularly men.”

Wow, so the angry left-wing mobs you thought you had been watching on television turn out to be merely a hallucination. They’re a fever dream concocted by those diabolical magicians over at Fox News.

The Fox News host reminds that, while Antifa and other protestors are forming the mobs, it was Democrat lawmakers like Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Senator Cory Booker who called for them.

“If you see anyone from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get up and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they are not welcome,” the California congresswoman said.

“Go to the Hill today,” Booker echoed. “Get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people.”

Carlson commented that “they obeyed” and “the left always obeys”:

Obedience is the whole point of their program. And now, normal people across the country, nevertheless, are becoming concerned.

“So many frankly unhinged people and unstable people out there,” said Kelley Paul, wife of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who was attacked by a deranged neighbor over the summer. “And when they hear someone on their side telling them ‘get up in their face,‘ they take that literally, and they think that that gives them a license to be very aggressive, be harassing.”


Note: The author of this article has included commentary that expresses an opinion and analysis of the facts.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the views held by Sarah Palin.

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