Blue Wave? Democrats Are Scrambling To Win A Seat In A Bleeding-Blue State

Liberals have repeatedly boasted of a “blue wave” coming in November and routinely taunt the president that they will win back one or both majorities in Congress.

Democrat lawmakers want everyone to think they are confident about their chances ahead of a consequential midterm election, but their actions behind the scenes may be telling a different tale.

In most elections, when a state or district falls heavily on one side of the aisle, the party in power spends very little on the race and assumes a victory. Instead of pouring funds into the high-percentage chance to win state, they reallocate funds into tighter, more competitive races on states that often flip sides.

The largely untold story around the New Jersey senatorial race with Democrat candidate and incumbent Bob Menendez could be all people need to know to understand that liberals are actually scrambling.

The race has turned unexpectedly close as Menendez’s opponent, Republican and former biopharmaceutical executive Bob Hugin, is looking to capitalize on a federal indictment against the Democrat.

As Hugin continues to close the gap on Menendez, Democrats are beginning to feel the heat and a group supporting Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer is now pouring $3 million to try and bail out what should have been a safely won seat.

From a Washington Examiner op-ed:

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is trying to help Sen. Bob Menendez break out in New Jersey.

The Senate Majority PAC, a Schumer-aligned campaign outfit, will drop $3 million to help Menendez, and that’s a problem because it was never supposed to be this way. Democrats should not be spending that much money this late in the year in the Garden State.

But holding the seat in New Jersey should be an afterthought for Democrats. The blue state went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. And for over two decades, the state kept sending Menendez to the Senate where he became chairman of the influential Foreign Relations Committee.

As Ballotpedia reports, New Jersey has not sent a Republican to the Senate for more than four decades, since 1972.

Here’s more on the race, per North Jersey:

The Senate Democrats’ top super PAC said Tuesday that it will spend $3 million on an ad tying Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin to President Donald Trumpa sign that two-term Sen. Bob Menendez needs help from his party in the campaign’s final three weeks.

Recent polls have shown Menendez with leads ranging from 2 to 11 percentage points, and he is still favored to win by handicappers in a state where Clinton beat Trump by 14 points.

But Menendez has higher unfavorable than favorable ratings, fallout from the trial he faced last year on corruption charges that ended in a partial acquittal and then admonishment by the ethics committee.

The Conservative Review’s Michelle Malkin wrote that Menendez has a number of “personal and professional” controversies that Democrats are willing to fund and defend which has resulted in a close race:

The powerful pol, running for a third term in the U.S. Senate, is up to his eyeballs in personal and professional skeeviness:

—Menendez flew the crony skies on multiple luxury flights to the Caribbean with wealthy donor pal Salomon Melgen on taxpayer dime and time.

—Sleaze-Bob in turn used his Senate influence to push a lucrative port security deal benefiting Melgen.

—Creepy doctor Melgen was convicted of bilking sick old people on 67 counts of massive Medicare fraud totaling $90 million.

—And in my favorite mendacious Menendez-engineered scheme, which I dubbed the 36DD visa program, Menendez and his staff pressured the State Department to expedite the foreign tourist and student visa approval processes for a bevy of buxom foreign beauties. As I previously reported, one of them, Brazilian actress and porn pinup star Juliana Lopes Leite (aka “Girlfriend 1”), had her F-1 student visa application moved to the top of the pile in 2008 after Menendez and his staff intervened as a favor to model-lovin’ Melgen.

—Another 36DD visa beneficiary, Rosiell Polanco-Suera, testified that her rejected visa application (along with her sister’s) received reconsideration and instant approval after Melgen promised to “fix it” by reaching out to Menendez.

If Democrats are needing to spend $3 million in the last couple weeks in a state Hillary Clinton won by 14 points, then their “blue wave” might be more optimistic than practical; a dream, rather than a reality.

Note: The author of this article has included commentary that expresses an opinion and analysis of the facts.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the views held by Sarah Palin.

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