GOP Circular Firing Squad Snuffs Out Loyalists, to Leadership’s Peril

Congratulations to independent commonsense conservatives recently elected. Sorry to see patriots like Rep. Dave Brat replaced, but look forward to him and other Freedom Caucus-minded good guys back in action in the public square soon.🇺🇸

Unfortunately, war was declared on the Freedom Caucus, causing constituent confusion and making life harder than it has to be for those ready, willing and able to serve the people. A GOP leadership apology is due the Conservative loyalists who are targeted in this ill-thought civil war.

It’s better late than never, and apologies are actually easy:

1) say, “Sorry, I’m wrong.”

2) add, “How can I make it right?”

(Can’t forget that last part.)

This needs to happen because the Freedom Caucus has been screwed over, resulting in the country being made less great.

To help right this wrong is to support Rep. Jim Jordan for GOP House leader. He’s one of the sharpest, toughest, most pure freedom fighters in Congress.

‘Have we replaced Obamacare yet?’ Ohio Republican Jim Jordan of conservative Freedom Caucus makes bid for GOP minority leader

Jim Jordan Outlines Need for New Leadership, Republicans Missed Opportunities to Retain House Majority

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