People Are Erupting Over GOP Chairwoman Election Comment, But There’s Much More To The Story

Ahead of a crucial November election, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel seemingly gave an ultimatum to Republican candidates on the fence about following President Trump.

In a tweet on Wednesday evening, McDaniel said candidates should ally themselves with President Trump and follow his agenda or they “will be making a mistake.”

McDaniel expressed that the Republican Party should be showing urgency ahead of the 2018 congressional elections, and tweeted that “complacency,” not Democrats, was the “enemy.”

“Complacency is our enemy,” McDaniel said in a tweet. “Anyone that does not embrace the @realDonaldTrump agenda of making America great again will be making a mistake.”

The cautionary remark comes on the heels of Trump proponent and former Trump campaign official Corey Stewart upsetting Republican establishment-backed candidate Nick Freitas in the Virginia Senate campaign.

Stewart narrowly won the election over Freitas by less than two percentage points, garnering 44.9 percent of the votes to 43.1 percent, respectively.

Conversely, South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford, who frequently clashes with President Trump, was defeated by Katie Arrington.

Arrington was supported by Trump and won 50.6 percent of the vote to Sanford’s 46.5 percent.

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NBC News reports, “[Arrington] is the latest candidate to benefit from a wholehearted embrace of the president, a stance that made Trump’s endorsement particularly effective because it confirmed her message to voters all along: She wasn’t just any Republican. She was a Trump Republican.”

As Washington Examiner and Mediaite report, the tweet was quickly ridiculed as several people viewed it as a threat.

“Demagoguery and cheap threats are now the weapons of the @GOP. Reagan would be so proud,” S.E. Cupp responded.

Yashar Ali added, “Some say McDaniel is talking about GOP candidates like Sanford…and not Americans generally…but that doesn’t matter. This language is troubling…and its even more troubling without context.”

Here’s more:

Buzzfeed’s Henry Gomez was quick to clarify that the tweet, however, was just a “weirdly recycled/revised version” of a longer statement McDaniel provided during a segment with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs.

Here’s McDaniel’s full statement:

We’ve got a lot more to do and we cannot risk losing that in these midterms, so complacency is going to be our enemy, and anyone who doesn’t embrace the Trump agenda and doesn’t recognize the issues that propelled us to victory in the White House is going to be making a mistake.

Check it out:

McDaniel also added more context to her initial tweet:


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