Flashback Friday: Liberals Protest ICE While They Bust Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Last year saw one of the most confusing moments for liberals protesting federal immigration agencies. The incident occurred when several United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement vehicles and other law enforcement officials showed up to a home in Oakland, California.

The federal immigration enforcement officials were met by a group of protesters who began to shout and held signs advocating for the agency to be abolished. As the protesters shouted outside, they saw officials walk in a home and carry other people out.

The immigration officials remained focused on their job and paid the protesters no attention because they were doing something much more important: responding to a warrant in busting a child sex trafficking ring.

You read that right, liberals were protesting federal agents as they were literally pulling people from a home where they were involved in the trafficking operation.

When asked about the situation, protesters said they wanted to express that “no human is illegal” and that “ICE should be abolished.” “We care for our neighbors, and we’re for immigration rights,” another protester said. Sounds familiar to the language used by protesters today.

“There is a growing group of people who are upset about what they’ve been seeing,” local CBS News reporter Neda Iranpour said in a video on the incident, as the Epoch Times reports. “There’s a sign saying ‘we love our neighbors.’ They also wrote on the ground with chalk saying [Oakland Police] is a disgrace, thinking that this was an immigration investigation because Homeland Security was out here.”

She continued, “We just got word from Oakland Police that this was, in fact, a federal criminal search warrant executed in connection with human sex trafficking of juveniles.”

Watch the whole incident unfold:

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The incident occurred nearly eleven months ago, in August 2017, but the video has resurfaced amid tense immigration debates happening across the country.

Per National Review:

People in the West Oakland neighborhood of Oakland, Calif. woke up early one morning last year when they heard ICE agents raiding one of the houses and assumed the agents were arresting illegal immigrants, according to the video from a local CBS News outlet.

The protesters, who crowded around the house, were apparently not given any information by the agents about what was happening.

“It’s been really tough because we have no idea what’s going on in there, and we know that there’s a lot of injustices that have been happening,” said Hadar Cohen, who held a sign reading, “No person is illegal.”

“We care for our neighbors, and we’re for immigration rights.”

The Oakland Police Department confirmed to the CBS station that the operation had nothing to do with immigration enforcement and the agents were acting on a federal search warrant obtained during an ongoing criminal investigation into juvenile sex trafficking.

Lots of “Protest First, Ask Questions Never,” writes Steven Crowder:

Little did these protesters know (story of their lives), what they’re doing is a perfect metaphor for the left: protest first, ask questions never. React first, research never. Feel first, get outraged first, use critical thinking skills never.

To the left, narratives come before everything. So a neighborhood full of RESIST drones saw law enforcement law enforcementing, then decided as a mob, to PROTEST TRUMP BECAUSE NO PERSON IS ILLEGAL!


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