Worldwide Search: Florida 2-Year-Old Could Use YOUR Help This Christmas — Share Or Donate Today

A 2-year-old Florida girl with cancer is looking for a Christmas miracle this year and she needs your help.

As NBC News reports, Zainab needs transfusions of an extremely rare blood type for an undetermined length of time.

From the report:

OneBlood, a Florida-based nonprofit, is seeking potential donors for Zainab, who is battling neuroblastoma and whose blood is missing a common antigen, called Indian B. If Zainab receives blood with this antigen, her body will reject it, according to OneBlood.

The missing antigen “is so rare that honestly this is the first time I’ve seen it in the 20 years I’ve been doing this,” said OneBlood lab manager Frieda Bright.

“Locating people who are missing the Indian B antigen comes down to genetics,” said a release from OneBlood. The only people who could be a likely match for Zainab would be “exclusively” of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian decent, meaning both parents of the donor must be 100 percent Pakistani, Indian or Iranian, a OneBlood release said.

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According to the report, only three donors have been found of at least 1,000 people tested. Two of the donors are in the United States and one is in the United Kingdom.

OneBlood is looking for seven to ten donors as “Zainab will need blood transfusions for the foreseeable future.”

“She’s going to need to be completely supported by blood donations in order to survive the cancer treatment in order to kill this cancer,” the OneBlood lab manager said.

Fox News reports that none of Zainab’s family members are a match:

According to her father, none of her relatives who donated are a match, but three donors have been located in the United Kingdom. But OneBlood, the lab facilitating the search, said in a press release that she needs more blood than the three donors have given for her treatment. OneBlood, which said the ideal number of donors is between seven and 10, is offering to coordinate testing for anyone who believes they fit the criteria.

“This is all hands on deck,” Frieda Bright, OneBlood’s reference laboratory manager, said in a video promoting the search. “We are searching the world to try to find blood for this little girl.”

According to The Miami Herald, the family’s plight began two months ago after doctors discovered a tumor that had been growing undetected in Zainab’s stomach. She was then diagnosed with cancer.

Raheel Mughal, the girl’s father, said, via the Miami Herald: “We were all crying. This was the worst thing we were expecting.”

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